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Jillian Harris Vintage Online Shop

From Bachelorette to Antiques Dealer: Jillian Harris Launches Online Shopping Destination

We have always had a soft spot for former Bachelorette Jillian Harris. It could be because she was the best-dressed contestant the show had ever seen or maybe because we had a little bit of a crush on her one-time fiancé, Ed. More likely, though, it is because we share a love for design with the petite Canadian. She is, after all, the only interior designer to ever be on the show. (Us, biased? Never.)

Anyway, we were excited to hear that Jillian recently expanded her design empire to include a membership curated sale site called Charlie Ford Vintage. Founded with a cousin and a close friend, the shopping site has weekly themed sales as well as vintage finds organized by type.

When we asked Jillian, "Why vintage?", she told us that she loves the romance of bringing something into her home that has already had a life. "When I have somebody over for coffee and use a beautiful vintage teacup, I think about all the conversations that have been had, maybe the tears that were cried or the hugs or the good news shared over sipping tea from that cup, and think to myself, 'Wow!' I always think about all the stories that we will probably never know about all these pieces, and I think that that in itself is so romantic."

The ladies behind Charlie Ford. In addition to sharing a love for all things vintage, it looks like they also share some incredible hair. Or is this how everyone in Canada looks? Excuse us while we pack our bags.

—Additional reporting by Tara Block

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