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Joanna Gaines Tips on Being a Mom

Joanna Gaines's Candid Message to Mothers Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

At some point, every Fixer Upper fan has wondered how Joanna Gaines does it all. She has a hit show on HGTV, the Magnolia Market home store, a new furniture and paint collection, and recently opened a bakery and bed and breakfast with husband Chip. And that's on top of raising four young children. Despite her busy schedule, one gets the impression that Joanna is a hands-on mom.

So what's her secret? Joanna gave us some insight in a heartfelt blog post she wrote. In it, she honors and encourages mamas of all kinds and reveals how she survives the good and the bad parts of mothering, from when she shuttered her first decor store to spend more time raising her family to how she balances everything as a working mom today. You can read the entire post on Magnolia Blog, and check out some of the highlights below.

You Are Enough

"I think at times all moms get this insecure feeling of 'I'm not doing enough,'" shares Joanna, who admits that even she struggles to leave her kids when she goes to work, especially when they beg her not to go. But Joanna's response is brilliant: "I explain that I have to work just like they have to go to school. I also let them know what I'm doing at work that day — whether it's filming the show or going into the office — and what time I'll be home. Taking a few seconds to let them in on this other huge part of my life has really helped them understand that Mom and Dad have a big job to do."

Make Time to Do What You Love

Even during the period that Joanna was home with her kids, she admits that she still had the nagging feeling of not doing enough. "It was important I kept myself creatively fed during those years, so I never let myself be filled with feelings of discontent," she writes. "I hope if you're in this season now you'll take the time to allow yourself a few minutes a day to do what you love, too. I found it was the thing that kept me balanced and energized."

Be Present With Your Kids

Even an all-star mom like Joanna has to remind herself of what's really important and savor these precious moments with her kids while they're still excited to spend time with her. "When I get home from work I try and leave my phone in the car and make that intentional effort to play and connect face to face with them," she writes. "Even when I'm tired at the end of a long day, it's fuel to see the look in their eyes when I ask them to cook with me or go play outside."

The Little Things Count

Grand gestures are nice, but kids notice and appreciate the small things you do for them every day. "The details have always mattered to me, especially when it comes to my kids. Whether I'm making cereal for breakfast or a big, fancy dinner, I want them to know that celebrating them in small ways in everyday life is a big deal to me." Joanna didn't realize how much her children noticed this until her recent birthday when Chip had them go around and say what they love about her, and they each responded that she cooks for them.

Appreciate the Mothering Season You're In

She concludes her post with: "I hope you feel so loved and celebrated this Mother's Day. And no matter what season you find yourself in, just know that you are doing enough, and you are loved and appreciated. Take a few moments today to look around and appreciate your children and the stage they're in." Wise words to remember on Mother's Day and every day.

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