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Jonathan Adler's Tips on How to Collect Art

Jonathan Adler Shares His Tips For Beginner Art Collectors

Yesterday, I shared my interview with Jonathan Adler about his new curated collection of New York Times archive photos. As an interior designer, Jonathan Adler obviously has a lot of experience with curating collections of artwork. That's what designers do, right? Curate things? So I asked him to share his tips for beginning art collectors. I'm sure many of you don't really know where to start when it comes to buying and displaying artwork, so why not learn from the best? Check out my conversation with Jonathan Adler below!

CasaSugar: What tips can you offer for beginner art collectors who just don't know where to start?

Jonathan Adler: God, it's so hard! Actually, I do have tips. The amazing thing is we live in an unbelievably fabulous time for beginning art collectors because you no longer have to do the enslaved-by-gallerists thing. With the web you can go to Etsy, your site, and so many other design blogs profile up-and-coming artists, so I think that my main tip is to get tangled in the web and just hunt and you will find.

CS: So you were able to choose special mats and frames for your collection of New York Times archive photos. Do you have any tips for readers for when it comes to matting and framing photographs or artwork?


JA: Yeah, I do actually! I like to frame photographs sort of importantly. I think that often when people are framing photographs, they default to just a minimal black frame, and I like to put a more bold mat and sort of a more ornate frame, and I think it just makes photographs, and especially black and white ones, feel a little more important.

CS: And in terms of the matting, would you say a larger mat is more important?

JA: Yeah! When in doubt, beef up the mat!

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