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Kelly Wearstler Launches Ready to Wear Collection

Kelly Wearstler's New Ready-to-Wear Collection Interpreted For the Home

Kelly Wearstler may have made a name for herself as an interior designer, but this month she firmly planted herself in the fashion world with the debut of her first ready-to-wear collection. Don't judge the girl by the questionable crimped hair she sported on Top Design; she's got serious sartorial talent.

"So much of my influence in interior design comes from fashion," she says, "and everything relating to fashion, from jewelry, which can be reminiscent of sculpture, to the colors and silhouettes that I find in clothing. This feels like a natural evolution." It's so natural, in fact, that taking the first peek at her new line, I couldn't help be reminded of a few specific pieces of decor I'd seen. Take a peek at how the pieces look when interpreted into the world of home decor!


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