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DesertRattleTale DesertRattleTale 8 years
Lauren’s daddy's name is James, AKA Jim, AKA Snake-in-the-grass. He is a below average architect and is not notable for any extraordinary design work or awards. He has very little design talent (copies others) and did not study at a prestigious school. He just built several high-end homes in the desert southwest without any solar features, and is stuck trying to sell the over-priced junk in a loser market. He has made money as a developer in the past, but has been sued several times in the process. As to the fire sale of his house (estimated at 10 million), the 11 acres that the house is on has a checkered title due to some creative land purchase agreements (Snake-in-the-grass). The house was beaten down in price as well as his other properties tanking in value. All in all he has moved into a much cheaper fixer upper down the coast but will continue to profit as so-called "manager" of his famous daughter Lauren “No-Talent” Conrad. No mater how badly he does on his own, he’ll continue to suck off of her. He has always put up large junk properties and sold them to uneducated and/or unsuspecting buyers or friends (Snake-in-the-grass), and now No-Talent will probably buy one too.
SurfingDoggie SurfingDoggie 8 years
Lauren Conrad’s parents sold the house for much less, and sold it in a hurry. Architect Jim Conrad is hurting for money because he got caught as a land swindler, e.g. Stonehenge Builders, Desert Mountain, Arizona. He also got caught swindling land in Laguna Beach, cheats on his house drawings, cheats on his income tax, cheats on his wife, and is currently being sued by the home owners association and numerous clients here in Arizona and in California. Architect James Conrad claims that he and his wife are “empty nesters” so they sold their Laguna Beach house. Ooops, they forgot that their 16 year-old, fat-boy son still lives with mommy and daddy. So much for the "empty nest!"
Honu-Anna Honu-Anna 8 years
IN AND THEN SELL? HELLO PEOPLE! Anyways, i just read some of the comments, and someone mentioned this house has been in the family? WOW! i definately would of saved it..Seems like everyone moved out of Laguna beach to persue their dreams.I hope they all saved their homes so they have something to go back to on summer days off. Hmmm lucky kids...
Honu-Anna Honu-Anna 8 years
I'm confused. WHY in the hell would you waste your time building a beautiful home we all dream of living,
fashionjunkee123 fashionjunkee123 9 years
Something is very fishy about this house being put on the market. Here's why. On one of the Laguna Beach DVD special features, LC gives a tour of this house. During the tour she pointed out where LC's dad handcrafted a fireplace and it had the Conrad past generation name inscribed in it and LC said when they pass it down to the children she can just remove part of the first hame and it said Lauren Conrad or something like that. I got the impression from this house tour that they were going to keep the house in the family name and pass it down generation after generation. The only thing I can think of is maybe they are scared for a landslide. The landside on Laguna Beach episode was AFTER this house was built. I wonder if the house is insurable for land slides, maybe it isn't so they are scared that if there is a land slide they will lose their home like so many others did in that landslide (as there was no insurance to cover for a landslide. But I am DYING to know why a family heirloom is going to be sold. Something trivial but interesting is when Jim Conrad dropped those palms down they were symmetrical and pointed toward each other. One of those palms has shifted. Anyway, I want to know why they are selling it.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
what an amazing house
chiquitta chiquitta 9 years
I wouldn't want my parents to sell THAT house too! Imagine growing up there, the view alone is to DIE for! A little interior redecorating would make that abode heaven. I wish I had 18M. sigh
Anniina Anniina 9 years
Ooh.. I want to live there..
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
I like this house! I remember it from Laguna Beach and thinking she has a fab house! Wish I had 18 mil to drop on it right now!
katulinek katulinek 9 years
I like the house, there is a lot of space, it is open the view is beautiful
Cathya07 Cathya07 9 years
Love the view, very pretty and relaxing... love to visit that house. Team LC
sushikay sushikay 9 years
Gorgeous home! I would be upset too if my parents sold it but I guess they wanted a change. She always has her memories of the home wherever she goes, no one can take that away!
emalove emalove 9 years
I like it too...I've always thought the pool was amazing!
reesiecup reesiecup 9 years
i think that this location is better than LC's hollywood property. beach property is usually worth more, especially with that view. i'm not too found on the exterior of the house though.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
its beautiful
lorechic lorechic 9 years
i love this house!! it's soo pretty...
aoitenshi aoitenshi 9 years
Wow I'm really wondering why they're selling it. They just built it recently, and it's a gorgeous house!
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