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Least Used Rooms in a House

What Room Do You Spend the Least Amount of Time In?

I always tell myself that if I ever move to a house in the 'burbs, I'll omit formal rooms from the layout all together. Every room in the house will be a place I want to spend part of every day in. In the 17-room house I grew up in, which my parents built, there were cold, green marble floors; a set of uncomfortable woven chairs; and a collection of plants in the conservatory, or "sunroom." It was beautiful, but it couldn't be further from cozy. We rarely set foot in the room, unless my sisters and I were playing hide and seek. Finally, my mother got the bright idea to put our dollhouse in there, so we'd play there purposefully.

It's such a waste not to use all that square footage you put your hard-earned dollars into. The same goes for those formal dining rooms that you only use on holidays — when you pull the silverware, gifted to you at your wedding, deep out of a closet somewhere. In an effort to possibly reverse this, and perhaps give a low-traffic room some love, let's think about what rooms in our homes we spend the least amount of time in. Then, let's get creative and think of new ways to make those spaces more appealing or useful for ourselves and guests.

What room do you spend the least amount of time in?


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Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 5 years
@RoaringSilence, I totally know what you mean about curling up on the couch; I do the same! @mydiadem, narrow rooms can be a really fun challenge to decorate. Since you may not have lots of room for furniture, be playful with wallpaper and artwork and then add petite chairs and a table.
mydiadem mydiadem 5 years
I have an open den/library in my row home that I don't really use. My husband wanted it as a music room so its mostly taken up by his drums. I'd love some advice on how to make it look nicer and be more functional. Problem is its very narrow.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 5 years
Well, a basement isn't really meant to spend time in, is it? I look at it as a storage room, mostly. I spend the least amount of time in my office room. It's because I do not like sitting at a desk for anything. I'd rather curl up on the couch with my laptop.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 5 years
I also use every inch of my 25 year old contemporary. Our guest room is also used for storage, our garage is full, as is our shed. I wish we had a sun room! Knowing my husband and I, it would be used more than any other room, except the kitchen.
nebulous615 nebulous615 5 years
Oh for the luxury of enough space to have an unused room! We use every possible spare inch in our 1960s ranch house.
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