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hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
Wow, that really is a long comment now isn't that...sorry. :-P
hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
That article on clutter was very helpful, as were the comments at the end. I'd like some more help on that, with specifics, and suggestions on how to combat these things a tad more gradually than just "declutter and purge and if you haven't used it in 6 months chuck it." It can be upsetting and traumatic when someone else steps in or tells you what to do, but at the same time, when you're left to do it all by yourself it's overwhelming and takes a loooong time with little results. There needs to be some in-between, like with one of the comments mentioned her brother was there by her side asking her questions like "Do you really need this? Did you miss it?" Seeing it on TV shows is one thing, but hearing it from "real" people and experiencing it yourself is a whole 'nother ballgame. For me, I'm an artist, so I see so much potential in anything and everything. Old clothing I see as fabric that can be used to make new garments or accessories, or used as cleaning rags, etc. Broken pens, plates, scraps of paper or metal, string, cassette tapes and CDs, knitting needles, flags, jars and tins, all of these can be used to make inspiring works of art. I'm also a filmmaker, so I think pretty much anything could come in handy as a prop of some sort. Clothes that don't fit me could fit another actor, so I cling to bizarre outfits that create some cool character I want to create. Then there's knickknacks, home decor, and sentimental stuff. Sometimes with sentimental stuff it just takes me a little more time to let go. Like with vases from bouquets I got from graduation, I wasn't ready to let them go until a year or so after, and they hadn't even been used a second time. I've got so many home decor items like wall artwork and statues and such that I could pick pretty much any type of theme for each week and redecorate the entire house. And so I feel like if I were to organize things by say African Art and put that away for when I want to redecorate with African Art, then I could put away the current Asian Zen or whatever theme happened to be then. And then there's books. And books are somehow so precious, even if I never read them. Just knowing that I have them on hand, in my possession, offers comfort, and it's a subtle way to let visitors know more about you. And finally there's a bunch of handmade things my mom made years ago, along with fabulous vintage items from my mom and my grandmother's hoarding days, that I want to be able to sell on Etsy and make a fortune. I certainly don't have as much of a problem as my mom, since I'm actually making an effort to purge here whereas she responds with anger if I try and give something away as a gift or donate it to Goodwill or I don't sell it for some unreal price on Ebay. While when my brother and I were younger her hoarding of "trash" was of benefit since we could make fake robots or rocket ships or collages and whatnot, craft time isn't what it used to be when you're 25 and no longer make macaroni necklaces and paper-mâché masks. Ok, well that's my "little" spiel on clutter from my neck of the woods. Getting off of my stump and into bed now. Peace.
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