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Lotta Jansdotter's Advice on Enjoying Your Home

Lotta Jansdotter's Tips on a Happy Home

"I believe it is important to have a home that is warm and welcoming. We strive to have a home that is comfortable, relaxing, and organized, which can be tough when there are toys spread out everywhere, socks and t-shirts scattered on the bedroom floor, and dust bunnies hiding in the corners. But that is just life. As long as you can do your best to keep things orderly and practical, home can be an escape from chaos (rather than a source of it!)."

— Lotta Jansdotter, from her book Handmade Living, on how to relax and enjoy your home. Lotta's new book is full of similar practical advice and smart ideas on decorating and inhabiting your home.

Photo courtesy Handmade Living, Chronicle Books

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