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Love It or Hate It? Mat Walk

Do you hate walking around the house after a shower with wet feet? Then maybe the Mat Walk ($49) is for you. Combining the bathroom mat with a pair of slippers, this rather odd product will allow you to shuffle from room to room without worry of getting your toes cold.

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dpbluiz13 dpbluiz13 9 years
I would fall over the first time I tried to use it.
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen! Who would buy something like this?!
nelsonae nelsonae 9 years
looks dangerous. I think terry cloth slippers would be much better
CurvatudeBlog CurvatudeBlog 9 years
christinafry christinafry 9 years
they make terry cloth slippers. this is just redonk. I just imagine the matt sweeping up all kinds of dust and dirt and being really yucky in the end.
verily verily 9 years
I don't understand this...and my house is nothing but tiled floors. I just dry off while standing in the shower, step onto a bath mat which dries my feet, and I'm good to go.
JovianSkies JovianSkies 9 years
I live in a house of accident-prone people, who also hate dripping on the floor when they come out of the shower. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, when Alice sees the bottle labeled "Drink Me". It's just a catastrophe waiting for someone to purchase them.
HipMom HipMom 9 years
what a ridiculous idea! just wear some shower slippers and don't risk tripping!
Babycakes1234 Babycakes1234 9 years
Looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Like when the phone rings and you forget you're wearing this...and when you fall you'll be naked!
kurniakasih kurniakasih 9 years
Too expensive. I actually prefer to shuffle around w/ a 'used' towel after shower :lol: Then on to my slipper...just the way I am :p
katiejane24 katiejane24 9 years
Wait, but the comment above THAT is a good idea!
katiejane24 katiejane24 9 years
OK, if this were in my bathroom, the only thing that would happen is that I'd trip over the shoe part when stepping out of the shower and knock myself out. It basically serves as either a defective bathmat or a defective pair of slippers. What's the point? Sheesh, I need more coffee...
Random2 Random2 9 years
Yuummm.... seems like a great way to clean a floor.
sgdish sgdish 9 years
I would break my neck!
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
What a waste of money ... what silliness! =P
Daisie Daisie 9 years
Hm...not sure who doesn't dry their feet BUT this would be good for hotels. Those floors are nasty and sometimes I leave my flip flops in my suitcase and have to do this towel dance to get there. o.O
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 9 years
wow that's stupid
emalove emalove 9 years
This is silly. I just dry my feet off and put on a pair of slippers. Works for me.
cirrus1701 cirrus1701 9 years
Ummm...ok. Whatever, I guess.
MandyPinecone MandyPinecone 9 years
i don't care for it.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
very weird. I'd probably fall on my butt anyway trying to maneuver. No thanks.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
LOL!Annebreal you just cracked me up. ;)
vinnie vinnie 9 years
looks dangerous!
annebreal annebreal 9 years can shuffle around on a towel, save $50, and still look like a tool if you really want to. What a ridiculous product!
lisabunny lisabunny 9 years
Seems like a good way to slip and fall
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