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Instead of wasting paper on placecards, menus, or programs, the company Wonderful Graffiti suggests these wall stickers as an option. I think it's a lovely way to make your wedding more eco chic. What do you think?

ecleader ecleader 9 years
Good Heavens! Did y'all check out the prices? For something so temporary, that's up there on my list of "spoiled-couple-ridiculous!" That said, I did vote in favor of them ... they *do* look nice; but at what price?!?
witchbaby witchbaby 9 years
kinda tacky
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
It's so cute, I love it!
luxington luxington 9 years
If I was to do graffiti, I would want it to look more like actual graffiti rather than a hallmark card. Actually, considering the white space at the venue I'm most seriously considering, real graffiti would be awesome.
SomethingWicked SomethingWicked 9 years
It just look as if you could have spent the money on something better.
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
I don't like it, personally. But to each his/her own!
ann418 ann418 9 years
I don't really care if it is "eco-friendly," I just think it looks cool and different. I'd probably do it, depending on how it looked in person.
ShePirate2010 ShePirate2010 9 years
not fer me
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 9 years
I'm too much of a stickler for real 'thank you' notes to let this replace them. We skipped assigned seating altogether because our families/friends didn't know each other and we wanted to encourage mingling. It worked and it was accidentally pretty eco friendly. I've seen some people do a big seating chart hung on the wall at the reception in place of individual placecards or have staff carry clipboards with lists of names and tell people where to sit. I question how much either of those really saves. I love Casa's blackboard idea! You could hang it in your home later as a memo board or find some other creative use.
emalove emalove 9 years
Nah, I don't like it at all.
Zulkey Zulkey 9 years
hey tdamji-- Our wedding is going to be pretty standard really (and I can't claim AT ALL that we're attempting to be green--that was more of a random complaint than me saying I'm a hero myself about this stuff.) Anything we're doing that might be 'streamlined' is just sort of incidental, IE the guys are wearing their own suits b/c they're not rich enough to buy new ones and I have a weird thing against rental tuxes. I think the sari idea sounds lovely and you should totally go with it!
jillerin457 jillerin457 9 years
Undecided. Eco chic is great in theory, but that particular idea strikes me as a little tacky. I think a really eco chic wedding would minimize unnecessary elements altogether -- including random signs and lettering that most people don't notice anyway. It will probably look like Donald Judd was my wedding planner, but I like it that way!
allinavhcnerf allinavhcnerf 9 years
it looks like a projection
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i like your framed blackboard idea, Casa! of course, you can use it again afterwards, which is nice. i think it is nice to have all your family and loved ones together, especially since you will have them on your family's land.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
Zulkey - i totally agree! i hate constantly seeing, on green tips for living type lists that people should drive hybrids! why not not drive at all? so bizarre! i also agree with you about green issues of magazines that are just trying to make you buy more stuff! Are you married? Did you have a ceremony? If so, did you have a really simple wedding? Sorry, that sounds a bit confrontational, but i really am just wondering if you have any ideas, is all. :D I guess i am torn - i love to cook and bake, so maybe i'd make my own food for a celebration and just use the cloth napkins and things i already have?! my mom has a great white sari that she wore for her wedding that i'd love to wear. :)
Home Home 9 years
I'm having a pretty big wedding (100 people), but we are making an effort to keep it green. We want to throw a party for family and friends that celebrates our love for each other, but also respects the planet, too (this is how we throw all of our parties). Yes, green is a trend, and companies are jumping on the bandwagon, but it doesn't have to be about buying things. For our menu at our wedding reception, were going to use a framed blackboard to write the menu on, and we'll put that at the start of the buffet line, so folks know what to expect. And even though local, organic food may sound trendy, it also just tastes better. Plus, it supports the small farmers in the rural community we're holding our wedding. Oh — and a green wedding doesn't have to be more expensive. We're throwing our entire wedding weekend for about half the cost of an average American wedding. If anyone wants some of my personal tips on how we're doing this, just ask me!
Zulkey Zulkey 9 years
Tdamji of course I don't think that caring about the environment and making conscious choices is dumb but I do think it's ridiculous when people go out of their way to spend more money and use just as many 'earth friendly' materials as they would if they were using 'regular' materials when truly the responsible thing would be just to cut down. It's like "green" issues of magazines--yeah, that's nice, but why aren't they published online instead of wasting paper? I just think there is an awful lot of consumerism hidden within the green message is what I mean.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
gosh. i hope caring about the environment and being conscious about your purchases isn't 'just a fad'. :( i like this idea, you could do this for menus and such - but another idea: what about getting vintage mirrors or something and putting these sticky things on them and having them on tables?! i don't know how everyone could see the menu if it was just on the wall. although, i've never been to a wedding with menus - just a buffet and you get whatever looks good.
darkangel2305 darkangel2305 9 years
I don't get it... :(
Berlin Berlin 9 years
how many people would actually read it? and it looks "nice" in the pic, but in reality would probably look quite tacky and out of place.
asjs5 asjs5 9 years
While I try to conserve and all that jazz in every day life, I'm not worried about it on my wedding day. That being said, I'm not renting a hummer limo or anything either. I think these could be cute just in that they are different, but wouldn't work for menus unless every table is by a wall. Maybe just a large print out in a frame?
Zulkey Zulkey 9 years
I don't really believe in "eco chic" for weddings. If you're really trying to be "eco", just go to city hall and eliminate the consumption, gas, paper, etc that comes with a traditional wedding. Otherwise you're just making yourself feel better by following a trend that still is very wasteful. That said we're not trying to do "eco" anything for our wedding. It's just a fad that bugs me.
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