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Maintenance Tips For Closing Your Cabin For the Season

10 Must-Do Maintenance Tips For Your Summer Cottage

Sadly, Labor Day weekend is almost at an end. It's time to bid the Summer goodbye, and with it, perhaps a Summer getaway. If you're ready to close up your Summer cottage or cabin for the season, make sure to follow these tips to ensure that everything will be in shipshape the coming season.

  1. Seal your Summer cottage for the season. Cover windows with plywood to protect it from inclement weather, as well as to make it more difficult for intruders to break in.
  2. Get rid of all food that might spoil and give your fridge a thorough cleaning before unplugging it. Make sure to get all the crevices thoroughly scrubbed to prevent mold buildup. Make sure that any food left in the cupboards is mouseproof.
  3. If you're leaving the heat on, keep the thermostat set at a temperature recommended by the manufacturer. One advantage of leaving the heat on low is that it will help keep dampness and mildew down. And if you do decide to turn the heat off, make sure a plumber drains the water lines!
  4. Cover furniture with sheets and clean out living areas and bedrooms. Make sure linens are stored in sealed plastic tubs or in another manner that will prevent little furry creatures from using them as a Winter home.

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  1. Make sure you have closed the flue on your stove. Also, sealing flues and stove pipes with a metal cap should keep the birds out.
  2. Don't forget to forward your mail to your permanent address.
  3. Ask a neighbor to occasionally check on the property to make sure that everything looks fine.
  4. Clean away any yard, gutter, and roof debris
  5. Store outdoor furniture, birdfeeders, boats, and other outdoor equipment that will suffer if left out in the elements.
  6. Trim any tree limbs that are hanging over your house or utility lines.

How do you get your Summer cottage ready for the off season?

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