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Matisse-Inspired Decor Products From David Stark

Living Inside a Painting

I'm excited to present a post from guest writer David Stark!

Recently we produced a video, shot in our Brooklyn studio for the amazingly talented singer Migguel Anggelo, and the title cut from his new CD Donde Estara Matisse. This short film was created by the stylist and artist Helen Quinn, and Helen brilliantly combines stop-motion animation with live action to create a fantasy walk inside a Matisse painting. The artist sings (in Spanish), looking high and low for the iconic French painter, and I have been trapped inside this painted world since. You can watch the video "Donde Estara Matisse" here.

I would love to live in a painted world like this and am now seeing items for the home that would certainly be fitting there too. It’s fun to imagine how to decorate a home in that context. Here are some ideas if you live inside a painting or are similarly inspired by the artist’s painted touch.

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