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Mattress Buying Tips From Danny Seo

5 Mattress Buying Secrets from an Insider

I'm excited to present a post from guest writer, eco lifestyle expert, and all-around awesome guy Danny Seo. Today, he's here to walk you through some simple, smart tips for buying a new mattress.

If you're like I was a few years ago, buying a mattress from a store was akin to purchasing a used car: stressful, high pressure, and not fun.
In 2009, I partnered up with the Simmons bedding company to create a line of eco-friendly mattresses called the Simmons Natural Care by Danny Seo. It was my attempt to do a mainstream line of eco beds that would be sold in retail stores nationwide and come with all the bells and whistles Simmons mattresses are known for: great customer service, white glove delivery, long and trustworthy warranty. The line was a hit.

This post isn't about my beds, but about the insider tricks and tips I learned about the mattress business and what consumers should know and do when shopping. Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Bring Your Pillow. When you sleep at home, most of us do not lay flat on your back, shoes on, head firmly pressed against a bare mattress. Yet, we do that all the time when "test driving" beds in stores. Since you can't strip down to your PJs in the store, do the next best thing: bring your pillow. Resting your head on whatever number of pillows you normally sleep on will give you a true feel for how a new mattress will feel when you sleep on it.
  2. Don't Bother Looking For a Lower Price. Some stores have the tagline "If you find a lower price, it's free!" but the truth is, you will likely never find a lower price. Regional chains work with mattress manufacturers to make special version of popular beds. So instead of just selling a Simmons Natural Care mattress, it could be called The Simmons Natural New Hope model or The Simmons Natural Care Iverness Valley. These model names are often unique to stores, so finding a lower price can be next to impossible. If you find a bed you like, negotiate with the store and don't bother shopping around.

Keep reading for three more matress-buying tips from Danny Seo!

  1. Forget Hotel Beds. Do you love the Westin Heavenly Bed? Or the W Hotel Bed? Or the Ritz Carlton pillowtop bed? Many hotels sell their exact beds to consumers through their own websites or in-room catalogs at jacked up prices. If you love the feel of these beds, tell your local mattress dealer which hotel bed you like the best and they can match you up with the comparable national brand that is the exact same model but at a fraction of the cost. And keep this in mind: many of the hotel beds have a feather bed topper on top of the mattress; if you like the feel, you may only need a feather bed on your old mattress to replicate it.
  2. Buy with Friends. If you have a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker who is also in the market for a new mattress, go shopping together. Since mattress sales are negotiable at the store, buying more than one mattress at the same time is likely to give the lowest possible price on your purchase. Lots of times when a family needs five mattresses for their new home, sales reps will sell them four beds and give them the fifth one free. You have power in numbers.
  3. Skip the Dealers Altogether! Okay, here's a small plug for my new line of Simmons Beautyrest by Danny Seo mattress-in-a-box beds. Look for these new DIY mattresses in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods right now. It is the exact same pocketed coil mattress that is super compressed into a large box on wheels (think very large suitcase). You wheel it home, open the box, cut open the plastic wrap around the bed, and watch the whole thing slowly blow up into a real, actual Beautyrest mattress. At $399 for queen bed, it's a fraction of the cost than what you'd pay in stores because there's no sales commission, delivery fees, or overhead to pay for.

Thanks for the tips, Danny! Keep checking back for more guest stories from Danny.

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