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Metallic Inspiration Board

Repurpose Metal Trays as Magnetic Inspiration Boards

Paul Lowe, the creative force behind Sweet Paul magazine, has a darling DIY on his site instructing readers on how to effortlessly turn vintage jewelry into magnets. I'm inspired to pick up some broaches and clip-on earrings the next time I hit the Alameda Flea Market, but what I'm really going to keep an eye out for are pretty magnetic metallic trays, like the one Paul showcased in this photo.

Trays are total workhouses in the home decorating world, and can go from hostess duty to ottoman toppers at a moment's notice. And by investing in a magnetic metal tray or two, you can reserve a few for use as inspiration boards in your bedroom or home office.

For magnetic trays, look for iron, cobalt, nickel, or steel (though stainless steel is generally not magnetic). Or, avoid researching your metal altogether and simply add a coat of metallic paint to the back of your tray. Once you're ready to decorate with your tray, you can either lean it against a wall, or use a tray with cutout handles that provide an easy hanging solution. Choose an eye-catching ribbon or strip of fabric to attach to the tray, and secure it to the wall with a pretty coat hook. Pin your favorite inspiration fabric swatches, magazine pages, or to-do lists to your new inspiration board, and start dreaming!


To get you started, I'm including a few hook options below. Finding the perfect tray, though, is up to you.

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski

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