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Midday Muse: Alternative Christmas Trees

I simply adore this alternative two-dimensional Christmas tree made by All the Luck in the World out of useless but pretty objects she's collected over the years. It's a work of pure genius, absolutely beautiful . . . not to mention mind-bogglingly precise and free of pesky needles to vacuum. As much as I adore this unusual creation, it's got me thinking about how much I'd miss having a live tree if an alterna-tree were all I had. The smell of the needles, the glow of Christmas lights, the tradition of hanging ornaments, though not necessarily a work of art, are all part of the experience that makes me look forward to Christmas. What are your thoughts? Do you have an alterna-tree?

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Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
I love this!! My Mom had one (not sure if she still has it) that my Grandmother made on a small scale. It was about 10X12 inches made out of various pieces of mismatched or pieces of broken costume jewelry, and it was mounted on black velvet. It was so pretty!!
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
love it love it love it ♥ i think if i wanted to do the christmas dress design i would still have a traditional Christmas tree too. However I don't see any reason why you couldn't do this in a different shape- it'd look fabulous in a heart or a start for example!x Or even slightly smaller to create a word- perfect for 'laundry' or something.
PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
Mmm, interesting :) I've never seen this before.
tuneyourrun tuneyourrun 8 years
awesomeness :)
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Very cute! I too wonder how they are attached to the wall though.
slnkr slnkr 8 years
i really like this shape on the wall. It look like an artwork

kazak modelleri

i really love it :)
blinkypink blinkypink 8 years
I think that that is a really cool idea for those people who do not want a tree- real or fake. I am like plus, worried too about how they are up there. I would love something like this as I never decorate for the holidays. Maybe when I become a mother I will succumb to the tree thing.
JaeB JaeB 8 years
I love the idea of doing this instead of a tree. It's so artful and interesting and sweet. And you could do it with meaningful things instead of random useless stuff, too. I'm not really a tree person myself. I'm allergic to the needles, always give me a rash, I get stuck doing the decorating mostly by myself which I don't particularly enjoy, and then, finally, I get all sad when the tree dies and actually feel BAD about it. But I'm not a fan of most fake three-dimensional trees, either. (I did buy a small pink phony tree for my sis this year, though, and it's cute.) So for me, I'd love to try to do something artful like this or get a small, "living tree," or decorate one outdoors if there's one available. Or go tree-less in all senses and just carry the Christmas spirit in my heart. :P
MartiniLush MartiniLush 8 years
How creative! I love it!
Hex Hex 8 years
Wow. Kid, I love LOVE that. A potted tree sounds divine. It's small which I prefer and the idea of planting it later instead of throwing it away really appeals to me. Wonder if it would work here in the midwest.. planting in winter isn't exactly recommended. Hmm.
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 8 years
That is truly wonderful - I love things that surprise me!! ...but how is it attached? I wouldn't want that many pinholes or glue spots on my wall. You could do it by painting the wall with that magnetic paint, and then making a patterns using magnets - it would also be easy to change for the seasons. I might actually do this. I absolutely NEED the smell of a live tree, but I can make do with a few boughs and then have an "alterna-tree". Here in Hawaii we frequently use small potted Cook Pines or palm trees, which can be planted afterwards.
Hex Hex 8 years
I really like this! It makes me wish I had a bunch of little objects to display. I'd frame em rather than going with the tree shape but yeah I'm really wishing I held onto more stuff. ANYWAY the alterna-tree thing? On some level I can dig it but I like to have something of a tree. No real pine for me, the needles are a pain. My family has always had the artificial ones. Now that I'm on my own and don't want to vacuum I get where mom was coming from on the pine needle thing. So I've also gone the synthetic route but that's where the similarities end. My tree it very small. Black not green. No lights and very few ornaments.
CaffeePants CaffeePants 8 years
I like traditional trees too much. Maybe if I had a traditional tree and an alterna-tree somewhere else in my home... Side note-hopefully she didn't use nails to hold all of those do-dads up!
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