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Midday Muse: Let Summer Provide Your Color

More than any other season, Summer begs to be integrated into your home's interior design, with its bright colors and balmy temperatures. Take, for instance, this home, whose honey-colored floors provide the only relief from the stark, nearly hygienic white interiors. That is — except for the eyecatching green foliage outside the picture windows. What could look cold suddenly looks fresh thanks to the deep green of the trees outside. Do you let Summer provide your home with accent colors?

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omlove omlove 9 years
I love it.
outofhere outofhere 9 years
Absolutely! My bedroom is open and airy and all in white, except for the wood floors. I also have a few accents in a light robin eggs blue colour but it's very minimal. The outside elements are so important to me that I had my bedroom built to look out at the part of my yard that is thick with trees and more specifically my bedroom deck built so that the large windows and deck are framed by a certain tree!
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
I don't have much of a green or lovely view. But I'm working on my indoor foliage. I also like white. I find as I update my decor, a lot of white with some bright pops of color makes for a clean and refreshing nest.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I do it as much as I can. I love having the windows and doors open so there is fresh air and views of trees. I don't have the best view but I make the best of it.
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
yes! After I painted the walls of my condo so many millions of colors (tan, dark purple, ivy green, you name it) I found white to be refreshingly stylish! it feels so good in there with the white walls. I'm about to paint my kitchen white too!
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