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Midday Muse: Long Live the Dining Room

Ever since the '50s, when Gerry Thomas invented the Swanson TV dinner, it's been very easy for Americans to watch the tube and eat dinner at the same time. In fact, many of us Neanderthals find ourselves eating over the kitchen sink, while we're driving, or just plopped on the couch. If we really want to be fancy, sometimes we'll eat at the kitchen table. Classy, right? Okay, well, I know not all of you fit this profile, and some I'm sure eat at the dining table every night. But, it makes me sad to think that our beautiful dining rooms sit unused in our homes, or in some cases are converted into bedrooms and other living areas. While I do admit to eating in a rush, I do love setting a tablecloth on the dining table, lighting some candles, and inviting friends over for a long, conversation-filled dinner. I say we should all move back to the dining room, even if we're still eating frozen dinners.

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HeidiMD HeidiMD 8 years
My dad was always adamant that my brother and I eat dinner at the table with him. There were a few years where we thought we were too cool to hang out with Dad, but once we grew up a little, we both really appreciated it. My fiance and I do it every night that we don't have to work and are home together.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
I'm a firm believer that families should have actual sit down dinners where good food and long conversations make great family memories. I grew up in a home where dinner took place at the same time and everyone sat at the same table.
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