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Midday Muse: Where Art Thou, Conservatory?

Growing up, my parents built themselves a big, white Colonial that to this day is one of my favorite structures, despite however modern my tastes are becoming. On one wing of the house, next to the living room, was a small, marble-floored conservatory that we called "the Sunroom." Unlike the traditional use for conservatories, it was not a greenhouse, although it may have held a ficus or two. It was really just a recreational room, where we might read on a warm day, and where my mother set my dollhouse (that she'd découpaged), so I'd be out of her hair when I played. Although this sunroom wasn't the most high-traffic room in the house, it was the most beautiful, inside and out. Today, and even then, these small glass enclosures are few and far between, and that saddens me. I understand that it's silly, and not so eco-friendly, to build a room you never use. But, to see this prepossessing architectural element fall by the wayside in favor of at-home movie theaters and arcade rooms is a stab in the heart. I suppose it's just a sign that we live in a society that prefers blockbusters and X-boxes over gardening and books.

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aurie aurie 8 years
I breakfast in the sunroom of my colonial everyday, even when I'm not hungry I'll go in there and sit first thing. It is the place all guests gravitate to before sunset, for meals at the little table for four or lounging on the sofas, it should only seat about 9, tho people pack in there. I love it. BUT after sundown I never like to pull the shades it just makes it seem like any other room only closer, and despite multiple points of light it is never comfortable to sit in there once it gets dark outside, and in these modern and wild times, we do a lot more living after dark. When I bought the house my Mom said I'd never use that room, now its her first destination too.
rodmyhome rodmyhome 8 years
I don't know: last year we were getting quite a lot of NY and NJ visitors to our website interested in building a sun room or conservatory. A great way to bring natural light in--and a place to grow herbs for cooking!
nancita nancita 8 years
I'm with you, Casa. It's so nice to have a room dedicated to natural light. Plus, when I hear "conservatory," I always think of the movie/boardgame Clue. I always wish my life were more like Clue.
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