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Modern Artistic Fabric Designs by New Orleans Artist Amanda Stone Talley

New Orleans Artist Amanda Talley Launches a Fabric Line!

New Orleans painter Amanda Stone Talley has played around with "alterna-canvases" before, including suitcases, tortoise shells, and even pumpkins, but her new canvas surface is something much more versatile: fabric! Talley ventures into the textile world with three debut fabric designs featuring her signature abstract concentric patterns: Who Dat?, a black, white, and cream design; Broadmoor, a mustard and gray design; and Magazine, a multicolored design. Each is available in four different types of fabric: linen, cotton sateen, jersey, and upholstery twill. She also plans to introduce new designs in the future.

Until March 15, Talley is offering the fabrics at an introductory price of $50/yd with a no-yard minimum, and after that period, they'll ring up at $115/yd with a three-yard minimum. Now's the time to shop, so email Amanda to make your order! And head here to see close-up photos of the fabrics.

I asked Amanda a few questions about her new designs, so read our mini-interview below!

CasaSugar: How was it for you to transition from painting to pattern-making?

Amanda Talley: Not hard at all! It's mainly a digital manipulation of the original painting, and it is really fun. I love that it is a translation of the artwork and not an exact replica. It acts like a mirror that creates a Rorschach-type effect.


CS: How do you imagine the fabrics being used?

AT: I want people to use the fabrics as creatively as possible and send me pictures! I see tunics, tents, upholstered walls, Euro shams, and curtains. I just don't want to be the one to make all of those things . . . I want to paint, but I am working on making canvas rugs, too!

CS: What do you think separates these designs from others in the marketplace?

AT: I worked in a fabric room for eight years, and I really believe that there are no other fabrics that look like these patterns at all. I'm so excited and proud of the designs.

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