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Moroccan Stencil Painted Wall Treatment

Before and After: Moroccan Bathroom Wall Stencil

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member drienz08 from the Su Casa group:

When I saw this tutorial that Emily did over at Jones Design Company, I just had to do it! It was elegant, looked simple enough, and was perfect timing, since I was contemplating redoing the guest bathroom. To say it was a tedious project is an understatement. It took time and patience, but overall it was completely worth it! And best of all, it didn't cost me a dime!

Here are pictures of my guest bathroom before it was painted and stenciled. It was an ugly green and somehow I was convinced that I had to do a color in there. Note to self: trust my instincts; I should have known better. It made the bathroom seem dark and small.

When deciding on the actual wall color I picked the one in the middle. Not too dark and not too light. Emily provided the stencil in her tutorial so I printed it out and traced it on cardboard as she instructed. I did one full stencil and then cut the second one in half (makes it much easier for doing the top of the wall).


You will have to check out her blog for the step-by-step tutorial. Trust me; you will fall in love with her! It was all very simple but like I said, very time consuming. It probably didn't help that I got really sick in between the process, which set me back two weeks.

Here are the finished results . . .

I also sewed a new extra long shower curtain out of one of our old bedding duvets to make the room feel much taller. Such an easy project that anyone with a sewing machine can do!

The corners had to be the hardest part but somehow I made it work.

The pictures don't really do it justice and for some reason the color looks really off on the camera, but it is much brighter than it appears. The design provided exactly what I wanted it to for the guest bathroom. It made it feel much lighter, taller, and overall much larger. I hope to add some navy blue accents such as towels, candle sticks, etc. but for now it will do. I just don't want to pick up another paint brush for awhile!

Overall breakdown:

  • Tutorial — awesome and easy to follow, thank you Emily! $0
  • Stencil — made out of cardboard $0
  • Paint — left over from dresser in the front room $0
  • Shower curtain — old bedding duvet $0
  • The amazing feeling of all the hard work — priceless!

Have you done any decorating projects lately? Share your photos with the Su Casa group!

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