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Nate Berkus's Remodeling Tips

Nate Berkus Shares His Remodeling Advice (It's Surprisingly Simple!)

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Nate Berkus can't stop, won't stop. With his latest Target collection (confession, we own half of it) and television show American Dream Builders, the designer heartthrob is everywhere. With an eye for style and years of experience, Nate is no stranger to a good before-and-after — the Spanish bungalow pictured below is proof! Wanting to know even more than what he taught us during his Oprah days, we recently asked him to spill on everything from renovating to his most cherished advice. Long story short, we now love him even more and have officially set a date with our couch on Sunday, when the show airs at 8/7c p.m.

POPSUGAR: For someone looking to make a quick, affordable change to their home, what would you suggest?

Nate Berkus: Clean your home! It sounds almost too simple but seriously. You'd be amazed at how clearing out the clutter and cleaning your home can really change that. After that, I'd say lighting. There are great affordable options everywhere, from my Target collection to a vintage sconce at your local flea market. I can't stress how important lighting is and what a difference it can make to how you live.

PS: What does it take to be a "next level" designer?

NB: That's a great question. I mean, talent of course . . . and loads of creativity. But it's really about not being afraid to be true to who you are — have a vision that you believe and are willing to fight for.

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PS: What did the designers on American Dream Builders teach you?

NB: You know, I went into this show wanting to be surprised. I wanted to see things I hadn't seen before. And the contestants absolutely delivered. In fact, I am in the process of renovating my own home and I changed my floor plan four times after working on this show! They taught me to look at spaces differently . . . you can actually do so much more than you think with less. Pared back and edited goes a long way.

PS: What's the best piece of design advice you've ever gotten?

NB: Trust your gut. And figure out design-wise what's worth standing your ground for and what's worth letting go.

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