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New Orleans Artists Amanda Stone Talley and Hayley Gaberlavage Launch Transport Studio Flash Sale Art Website

Two New Orleans Artists Launch a Flash Sale Art Gallery!

Two of New Orleans' finest artists, Amanda Stone Talley and Hayley Gaberlavage, have teamed up to launch a flash sale art marketplace, Transport Studio. Transport is a forum for new and established collectors and will offer a three-day discount on the work of featured artists. The premiere sale kicks off today and offers paintings by both Talley and Gaberlavage at a 30 percent discount, through Sunday, Nov. 14.

There are more than a dozen pieces by each artist up for grabs, including acrylic paintings, watercolors, screen prints, giclee prints, and mixed media works, ranging from $280 to $5,600. To inquire about a purchase, just use the contact form. And be sure to check out Talley and Gaberlavage's respective websites to see more of their work and read their artist statements.

I thought I'd ask Amanda a few questions about how Transport Studio began and her life as an artist in New Orleans. Check out our interview below!


CasaSugar: When/how did you come up with the idea to start Transport Studio? Is it something you’ve been thinking about for awhile?

Amanda Talley: The idea started percolating over the past few months. I get an email everyday from two sites called HauteLook and Gilt Groupe. They offer high-end items discounted for a limited time sale. Each time I would look at the site, even 15 minutes into the sale, so many things were already sold. I thought there was something about the limited time sale that motivated people to purchase something they might otherwise save and come back to later.

CS: Do you plan to add the work of other artists to Transport in the future, if all goes well?

AT: We would love to be able to offer the service to friends who are artists to give them more exposure.

CS: Personally, I do most of my shopping online, or I, at least, browse online before I shop in-store, so I love that your artwork, along with pricing, is available online. Do you find that most of your clients have found your work online? Or do you meet them through word-of-mouth and studio drop-ins?

AT: I've noticed that the bulk of my business is generated via the Internet with very few walk-ins, which is a wonderful feeling because you know no matter what happens or where you are located, you still have clients.

Many galleries do not put pricing on their sites and prefer to have the client call for that information. I think that people are very busy and if you have them on your site, you should give them all information they need to consider that piece of art. A first time collector might be scared senseless if they are looking at a painting and call to find out that it is $20,000.

Continue reading for the rest of our interview!

CS: How did you arrive at the name Transport Studio?

AT: We brainstormed for a bit, and the idea of a movable studio that could be accessible to anyone anywhere was really appealing. I liked, too, that the name was nonspecific enough to feature friends who make jewelry, pottery, etc.

CS: I’ve actually visited both of you in your studios in New Orleans; it’s so great that you live and work so close to each other! How would you describe the social scene of artists in New Orleans?

AT: New Orleans is such an inspired place, even those who don't call themselves artists are involved in something creative. If you want to wear a wig and a moustache and walk down the street, no one is even going to raise an eyebrow. I think it encourages individuality, which in turn sparks creativity of all sorts.

CS: Where did you and Hayley meet?

AT: We met through a mutual Alabama connection, and then I insisted she rent a place right down the street. I'm a real estate stalker, and I had found the perfect apartment for someone . . . and that turned out to be Hayley. When you work in the studio all day, it's so nice to have a friend who is close by doing the same thing.

CS: Your paintings and Hayley’s paintings really complement each other, but I can’t put my finger on why. What similarities, if any, do you see between your work?

AT: I think both of our work is very honest and open. It is what it is, and it's up to the viewer to interpret their own meaning. Hayley would kill me, but it could also be because we are both Taurus women!

CS: What advice can you offer to beginner art collectors?

If you can't afford what you love, don't hesitate to ask if you can pay in installments. Whatever art you buy will be with you a whole lot longer than that expensive sofa that's going to get red wine spilled on it!

Check out a few of my favorites below!





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