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New Water Saving Toilets Save Money

5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Water-Saving Toilet

Japanese-based Inax just launched its Eco-X series in the United States. These toilets enjoy the reputation of the world's top water-conserving toilet, and can save up to 40 percent of average water use when compared with other toilets. If you don't have a water-saving toilet yet, here are some smart reasons to try one in your home.

  • The new designs are decidedly sleek. We may be talking toilets here, but the new designs, such as the Eco-X, seen above, are a great addition to any design-savvy home.
  • You'll save money on your water bill. By using a dual-flush toilet, you can control the amount of water you use depending on how much is needed. Even if you simply opt for a low-flow model, the difference between the older models' water use and the new models' is shocking — you can go from four gallons to less than two per flush.
  • You can get stingy with your water use. A dual flush toilet can use less than a gallon per flush. The Eco-X models use only 1.28 gallons per full flush and less than a gallon per half flush, which is pretty darn impressive!
  • You don't have to actually buy a new toilet. You can simply buy a conversion kit for as little as $25!
  • You can do it for zero money. To get the most bang for your buck, create a low-flow toilet by simply adding a two-liter bottle to the tank.
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