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In the News: Political Humor at Home

The New York Times has an article and interesting slideshow showcasing the 1830 townhouse of director Roland Emmerich (10,000 BC, Independence Day) in London. When the German-born director moved into stuffy neighborhood Knightsbridge, he asked his interior designer to create a space that was “as nonfrumpy as possible,” that reflected "his predilection for art with a political edge." Especially during a national election, these days, political humor is rampant. But, most of us get our fill flipping through a copy of The Onion or turning on The Daily Show. On a tour through Emmerich's home though, you'll find Chinese propaganda posters, Mao sculptures, a desk made from the wing of a World War II plane, a life-size wax statue of Pope John Paul II reading his own obituary, and even a diorama depicting John F. Kennedy's assassination. Shown here is a bedroom decorated in traditional Brit fashion with "English rose" wallpaper and a chenille bedspread, but the designer took a light-hearted political jab by hanging a portrait of Princess Di giving the middle finger above touristy London statuettes and a pair of Princess Diana and Prince Charles dolls set in the fire place. Next to it is a bird cage shaped like the White House and a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired by Rodin's "The Thinker." I wouldn't feel at home in this space, but I'm wildly entertained. Are you impressed? Disgusted? Apathetic?

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