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Now that we've "fallen back" into the dark, I thought I'd share some grim celebrity trivia with you. While flipping through a photo gallery of haunted "murder" houses at This Old House, I learned that Nicolas Cage is the proud owner of the most haunted house in New Orleans' French Quarter, which he bought for nearly $3.5 million. The house was built in 1832 for Dr. Louis Lalaurie and his sadistic wife, Delphine, who legend has it, violently tortured and murdered hundreds of slaves within the house.

As for the hauntings, there were many reports of paranormal experiences between 1837 and 1932 in the house. In 1920, one resident reported: "There were no other families living here and one night, on the third floor, I saw a man walking carrying his head on his arm." In 1932, the house was being used as a furniture store, and it was reported that the owner "first suspected vandals when all of his merchandise was ruined several times, covered with a foul liquid filth. The owner waited one night with a shotgun, hoping to catch the vandals in the act. When dawn came, the furniture was once again ruined. He closed the place down shortly thereafter."

If you're not easily spooked,

While this history alone would prevent me from looking into this real estate, I think that this next fact would deter nearly everyone from buying the property: According to This Old House, "More recently, human remains dating back to the 19th century have been found in the home's floorboards." Maybe that explains Cage's permanently sullen expression.

Actually, Cage has made a habit of purchasing historical homes throughout the country and added this one to his stable in April. He reportedly has many real estate holdings, which he purchases through his trust, Hancock Park Real Estate Company L.L.C., to avoid media attention. His other addresses include a house in New Orleans' Garden District, a historical mansion in San Francisco's Russian Hill, two houses in Las Vegas, multiple properties in LA, and at least one place in NY. Ahhh to be a Coppola...


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