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Real-Girl Nightstands to Inspire Your Bedroom Decor

Jan 24 2016 - 7:10am

Nightstands can tell you a lot about a person. One peek at a girl's bedside table, and you'll know what she drinks, the books she reads, her favorite late-night snacks, and which photos she treasures. However, the most obvious thing that she advertises is her personal aesthetic. When bedside tables say so much about you, isn't it important to get it right? Check out this achievable nightstand decor shared by 20 real girls on Instagram, and you'll definitely be inspired to give new life to your bedroom.

Source: Instagram [1]

If you're tight on space, don't be afraid to use your nightstand for storage. Stow all your favorite books within the bedside table, then accent them with art pieces.

Everyday objects can act as decoration! Use glam pieces of jewelry to spruce up your bedside space.

Sometimes a nightstand can speak for itself. If you choose a uniquely shaped table, minimal adornment can emphasize its fun construction.

Fun food can spruce up your bedside, acting as decor to complement your room's colors. If you're a bedtime snacker, find beautiful treats that will look like art when placed on your nightstand.

It doesn't have to be a nightstand to serve the purpose of a bedside table. Vintage pieces (like this steamer trunk) can be beautiful substitutes for traditional bedroom furniture [2].

Allow your nightstand decor to be a pop of color! Bright bedside accessories can liven up a room and draw the eye, which is great if you fall in love with a unique lamp or a funkily hued table.

Boots aren't always made for walking. If you've got a pretty pair of shoes that aren't practical for common wear, don't let them go to waste! Use them as decor on your nightstand.

Minimalism can be stunning when styled properly. Top a bare-bones nightstand with beautiful blooms and a simple lamp for a piece of decor that draws the eye.

If you've got colored walls, a white nightstand can act as a statement piece. Stick with monochromatic accessories for a stunning look.

A few quirky pieces can go a long way! Pick functional decorations that have a wacky twist, like this bunny lamp. It will be a great conversation starter, and you'll smile every morning.

Say goodbye to the days of inspirational calendars with photos of cute kittens — this simple, reusable option looks refined enough for a nightstand.

If you use a tray as a decorative nightstand accessory [3], you'll always be ready for breakfast in bed! Find one that matches your bedside table, then incorporate it into the decor.

If you love rustic style, incorporate it into your bedroom decor with a tree-stump nightstand. With a bedside table this captivating, you won't need to add anything else!

If you have a tiny bedroom, you can enlarge the space by finding a mirrored bedside table [4]. An adaptable piece like this can be modern, glam, boho, or anything in between!

Clutter can be cute, if done stylishly. You don't have to sacrifice photos, flowers, and clocks if they go well together! Keep everything within the same color range, then accumulate away.

Your lamp doesn't have to sit on your nightstand. If you've got a floor lamp, a lighted headboard, or dimming overheard lights, fill your bedside table with other fun trinkets.

An interesting lamp can be a wonderful way to decorate your bedside, eliminating the need for other adornment. Don't shy away from unique lighting: simply adjust other aspects of your nightstand accordingly.

A classic alarm clock is the perfect addition to any nightstand, harking back to the days before cell phones. They're not only cute decor pieces — they're useful too!

If you want something unique, opt for a round nightstand. It will break up the harsh lines of your bedroom and has no corners on which to knock your knees!

Feeling bored with your plain nightstand? Top it with a chunk of your favorite surface, like marble or acid-treated concrete.

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