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Novogratz Family of Sixx Design Share Photos of Home Table Setting

Setting the Table With the Novogratz Family of SIXX Design

Last week, the Novogratz family from Sixx Design shared their first tablescape with us, and this week they're back with another for your table setting inspiration and pleasure. In case you missed it, the Novogratz family agreed to style two adult tables and two kids' tables for the holiday season. The Novogratzes are also creating tablescapes for LilSugar, so check out the kids' tables as well.  And that's not all – at the end of month, we will round up all the tablescapes (plus some of our very own!) for a fun giveaway to win $1,000 to HomeGoods! Here's their second table for the grown-ups.

CasaSugar: What inspired this tablescape?

Cortney Novogratz: A visit from the grandparents, and it was raining outside, so the beautiful colors and the flowers and the candles made us feel transported, warm, and cozy!

CS: What’s your favorite piece that you used here?

CN: The serving tray is a favorite!

CS:  What’s your most memorable table setting from a Thanksgiving you’ve hosted or attended?

CN: A few years ago, Robert’s mother made a giant, molded chocolate turkey, and all of the kids feasted on it for dessert! (They also sell them at Costco!)

CS: How do you deal with a dinner where awkward or feuding family members are at the same table?

CN: We always offer a lot of wine with dinner, and that usually solves any problems!

To re-create the tablescape, start with a gorgeous, lush bouquet of organic roses. For the rest of the table elements, check out the widget below to assemble a similar look.

Check out more photos of the table!





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