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Open House: Critters in Your Crib

Happy Groundhog Day! Speaking of rodents, critters, and the like, I've certainly had my fair share of animals playing house in my love shack. Has a groundhog wandered into your living room? A bat flew in your front door? Found a rattle snake under your bed? A scorpion IN your bed? A mouse helping itself to your kitchen cuisine? A cockroach staking claim to your living room? Ladybugs creeping all over your windowsill?

For this week's Open House, I want to hear all about your history with unexpected creatures in your house. Tell me by leaving a comment below, and next week I'll compile your responses so we can hear all about everyone's animal houses.

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terryt18 terryt18 9 years
Great stories, y'all? We used to live in a really old house in the South with a dirt basement and camel crickets. Are y'all familiar? They're these big jumping crickets that like the dark? They're harmless, but scare the sh*t out of me because they jump really high. Aawrhgh...*shudder* I hate those things.
SweetnLow SweetnLow 9 years
Ladybugs all over everything is a typical experience in the south. Once when I was 6 we had a flying squirrel fall down the chimney. The poor little thing was covered in soot, and trying to outrun each of my family members as we lunged and shuffled to collect him in boots, oven mitts, pots and pans.. whatever we had on hand.
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 9 years
Hey Casa, talk to Party about her experience with mice and bears.
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 9 years
...and we regularly coexist with all the geckos that live in the house. Even though they sh*t a lot I don't really mind b/c they keep the roaches in check.
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 9 years
I was woken up at 3am one night when a 6 inch centipede that had apparently crawled into bed with us stung my arm. Not so cool.
JessNess JessNess 9 years
I recently had a problem with frogs in my apartment....yes frogs :froggy: The first one I ever had landed on my pillow just as I was going to sleep. Scared the crap out of me. After that it was like a plague had been set on my apartment. Every night I was catching frogs and releasing them and having to catch the frogs that came in my apartment while I was releasing the previous ones. It turned out that the field behind my complex had dried out so the frogs came over to the courtyard in front of my apartment for water. My door wasn't sealed properly so frogs were easily sneaking in (they were little) Here are some of the ones I caught
amers230 amers230 9 years
haha in my apartment at school last year i had a neighbors cat bolt in the door and run under my bed as i was leaving, late for work of course. that was fun. i was laughing so hard i woke my roommates up (it was like, 6am) and one of the roomies boyfriends ended up coaxing it out from under my bed lol. we also had raccoons chillin in my family's garage one night, but the best story was that of my next door neighbor's. when we were telling her about our raccoon's she recounted her raccoon incident from a few months earlier, where one was living in their attic (we dont have real attics, they're not sealed so you can't even store stuff up there.) her kids were convinced there was a monster up there and would find bloody animal bones in their backyard (from the raccoon's meals apparently.) they wouldn't sleep in their own beds for a month. they finally called someone out who put a cage up there, so one morning they woke up to a huge racket on their roof. the raccoon was in the cage and was NOT happy about it. my dad went over there to "protect them" while the exterminator went up there to get it (their dad worked first shift so he wasn't there) lol. best part was a few weeks after this happened, their five year old daughter saw a house in our neighborhood that was being re-sided and freaked out, thinking the raccoon had torn up this person's house.
steph326 steph326 9 years
a few months ago, my dog chased a rabbit into the house. I know I looked like a huge wuss when I screamed and stood on my chair over a BUNNY, of all things, but it was just unexpected!
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I'm literally getting chills down my spine reading some of those stories :(.
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
No, thankfully. But groundhogs are just adorable :)
lady_jade lady_jade 9 years
My spirited dog Sasha (husky mix courtesy of spca)brought about 5 giant bullfrogs into the house one night (via the dog door. I had no idea until I noticed the next morning that she was running from her bed to blanket to her stuffed animals (her "babies") and when her nose flipped each item over, a big fat bullfrog was laying there, completely alive, just chillin'. Her pals had to be moved outside, poor dear.
Salernol928 Salernol928 9 years
I live in D.C. and am no stranger to extra roommates, mice, bugs ect. Though my friend had the most traumatic experience I have ever heard. Before leaving for the holidays, my friend heard a scratching and almost sawing noise coming from somewhere in the wall. She just chalked it up to noisy neighbors. Coming back to her apartment in D.C. after Thanksgiving, she was putting her suitcase in the closet shelf above her head. A rat jumped out and hurdled over her shoulder just grazing her. She screamed and had to call her boyfriend to come over and take care of it. She also stayed in a hotel that night. She immediately started looking for a new apartment
JovianSkies JovianSkies 9 years
*an sorry about the typo
JovianSkies JovianSkies 9 years
Oh my :SCARED: I also live in a, antediluvian house. While my aunt lived here, there were thousands (literally) of ladybugs dwelling in the walls. They're gone for the most part, but they just show up sometimes... A large, black snake (I have no idea what kind) that decided to make a home here once, and HANG ON THE WALL, by itself. Have you ever seen a snake just hang on the wall, like a decoration?? EW. There are species of spiders and bugs here that the exterminator has told me he had no idea of what they were. Not encouraging. Especially when there are spiders with huge, spindly legs. There is a sort of small herd of animals living in the attic, but we've never seen them... We just hear them stampeding around up there :ponder:
Kellylicious Kellylicious 9 years
We had a deer walk into our house before.
RioAravwyn RioAravwyn 9 years
Well, I live in a Civil War-era farm house that wasn't exactly constructed with keeping out the critters in mind! We've had plenty of mice, my room is a ladybug habitat, there's a whole family of squirrels that live in our attic, and we've even had a snake or two. The wildest experience I had, though, was when my brother and I were alone in the house one day. We were relaxing and watching tv when all of a sudden a bat flew down the chimney and through the room. Both of us screamed like little girls and started running through the house as if it were chasing us. Somehow it ended up in our entryway/washroom before us, so we slammed the glass-fronted door and window (this part of the house is a closed-in porch). We were trying to decide what to do when the thing banged against the glass of the door and set us screaming again. Finally my brother went out a side door and came around front to let the thing out. We were afraid to go back into that other room for a long time after that!
Imabeliever Imabeliever 9 years
We have had many critters.. from mice to a scorpion in the shower. But the scariest was in Anaheim Calif when I was pregnant with our first child. I had perpetual heartburn and permanent morning noon and night whole 9 month sickness and could only sleep on the couch propped up. So there I was at 8 month pregnant sleeping away sitting up on the couch at 2am. I woke up to our two little Shiba Inu's whimpering. I turned to look for them in the dark and saw them facing the corner by the sliding glass door, both in a play bow.. two little rear ends with slowly wagging talis in the air.. then I heard the tell tale hiss come from the dark corner. A baby possum had come in through the doggie door and they had it cornered 4 feet from where I had been sleeping. Now baby possums outside walking along the fence line.. totally cute. Baby possum in my house while I am in a nightgown without a weapon in sight, in attack mode cause it is cornered by two dogs.. slightly terrifying!! My shrill screams for the soundly sleeping husband produced no help whatsoever.. typical.. glad it wasn't a burgler. :OY: And the little thing was making such a fuss snarling and hissing I was afraid of the mother showing up!! So all by my pregnant lonesome I had to slowly pull each dog off of sentry duty.. and get a broom and forcibly encourage the little guy to leave by way of the slider.. to then realize he had no way out of the backyard.. so then at 2am I literally had to build an escape route for the still snarling/hissing oh so not cute possum to the fence. So once he had finally after great effort and stress on both of our parts, disappeared into the night: I immediately went to clobber the still sleeping husband in the head with a pillow for not being my knight in shining armor!!
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
:ROTFL: @ "I went running down the hall with my pyjama pants around my ankles" Luckily we don't have any snakes, lizards or racoons here. The only thing I find here is the odd spider, and although they're not poisonous, I'm terrified of the buggers! Found one IN my bed several years ago and I still pull back the duvet to check every night.
katiuccia katiuccia 9 years
I woke up a few months ago and pulled back the shower curtain to find a huge lizard in my bathtub! It was an ugly black and red skink. After a few minutes of gathering courage, I threw a towel over it, scooped it up and flung it out the back door, but it kept sticking to the towel. It was so gross. When I was a kid we used to get squirrels in the attic. I would wake up in the middle of the night hearing scratching sounds above my bed. I had to stand on my bed and knock on the ceiling to scare them away.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
That picture is priceless...
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
My husband would love it if we had a groundhog near our house or any other critter of that size. Growing up we had mice in our house that would get into the bird seed and spread it all over the house. I ended up finding dead mice in my toy box.
mayara mayara 9 years
Raccoons in the attic. I'm not sure they actually went in (though I think some small critters did), but they chewed a hole in the roof (I didn't know they could do that -- don't ask me how!) and there was raccoon poop in the attic. We found out about all that after waking up to the ceiling raining on us in bed at 4:30 one morning.
maddiemay maddiemay 9 years
We had a bat in our condo on New Years this year! We live in Chicago on the 2nd floor of a 6 flat and have NO idea how it got in-- I have NEVER been so terrified or disgusted in my life! We, or rather my fiance, was finally able to trap it and get it out of our place after 3 hrs of trying to find it. I'm still shaken up by the whole ordeal.
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
It was... lol not me!
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
My granny had a stray cat run into her house years back. I was one wild cat...
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