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Think you don't have the time or the money for greening your lifestyle? It's easier than you think. One of my favorite sites is Apartment Therapy, along with its sister site Apartment Therapy: Green. The editors consistently offer readers smart, design-savvy tips on green lifestyle choices, furniture retailers, energy-efficiency, and much more. Check out these ridiculously easy tips to green your life

So for this week's Open House, I want to hear your best secrets for greening your home. Whether they're cheap green furniture sources, great non-toxic cleaning recipes, or top-secret energy-efficiency tips, I want to hear them. Just leave your ideas in the comments section below. Then next week, I'll compile our CasaSugar list of supereasy green living tips. Let the open house begin!

oceangirl oceangirl 10 years
I have recently greatly reduced our use of plastic baggies for kids lunches by buying plastic containers for all of the food items. Also, no more plastic water bottles, we are now using the reusable water bottles and just fill them with our home filtered water add some ice and go. At my kids elementary school, we have formed a group called "planet pals" to help make the school more sustainable, and help teachers, kids and families get involved. Our trashless Tuesday lunches have been a huge success, half the normal amount of waste...we are working on getting trashless Tuesday's to be everyday :) My goal is to change "something" about the way we live every week.
joannakm joannakm 10 years
To keep our house cool we use fans throughout the house instead of a/c. Our trick is to face the fan outwards so it sucks the hot air out of the house. I've read it is more effective at cooling than facing it inwards. Also, my husband and I only buy recycled toilet paper. It certainly isn't as cushy soft as traditional TP but i don't feel as guilty if I use a little extra. Then there is always the old water-saving saying "If it's yellow let it mellow...." :)
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
Is it okay if I add more than 1? Hopefully. :D 1) Shop Locally and buy your fruit/veg in season - Whether you buy organic or not, if you are shopping at your local grocery store you are supporting a small business. One can go about this in varying steps: local store, non-imported food, in season food...and then the ultimate: local store bought organic, locally produced in season food! Small steps make a big difference. It is also great if one can shop at Farmers Markets, which would obviously, be local, in season and support the farmers directly rather than a middle man and then a shop, where the small farmer loses a lot of money. 2) Buy Seconhand - vintage, antique, salvation-army or similar, dumpster-diving (or looking out for finds on curbs) are all things diverted from landfills. No matter what your budget is, secondhand furniture and clothing can be affordable. I like that secondhand stuff has a history to it and I feel like a "Green Saviour" for rescuing these items, too. 3) Buy good quality items - Spending a little extra money could save you a lot in the long run because one often doesn't need to replace items as often if they are well-made and perhaps serve many functions. Also, if you get long-lasting products, less ends up in the trash. I have always regretted and felt ripped-off when I have opted out of purchasing something that is better quality but a bit more expensive and gotten something cheap that just hasn't lasted. 4) Open/Close curtains - It is amazing what a difference it makes to open curtains/blinds during the day in Winter when the sun is out so that some amount of the sun's heat gets inside. As well, keep window coverings closed for at least the most hot part of the day when it is summer or really hot outside - you will use less electricity etc cooling your place. 5) Use a toaster oven/countertop convection over or microwave - instead of turning on the entire oven or stove to warm something up or cook something small, use a smaller appliance. I hardly ever need to use my oven. With 2 people to feed, a countertop convection oven/toaster oven serves us well. It uses a lot less energy than a massive oven and doesn't make the place too hot in Summer, like an oven does. It is also a lot faster to heat up as there isn't as much space. and of course...use green cleaning products or make your own, remember to turn off lights and things you don't need that are normally in standby...
moderngal moderngal 10 years
switch to green cleaners... Seventh Generation's window cleaner is just as good as Windex and better for Mother Earth. Ecos and Ecover make great laundry detergents that are "green" and leave your clothes clean and smelling nice. Method and Mrs. Meyers make green products in attractive packaging- and they work great, too. :)
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