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Open House: Renewing Your Home

I have a whole file folder bursting with ideas for what to post about during Renewal month, but I could always use a little guidance, too.
So, for this Open House, I want to hear what you would like to see related to this month's theme. Are there any home projects that you'd like help in tackling? Any how tos you need to know? How about DIY projects? I'd love to hear about what you plan on working on this month. Finally getting around to the organization of that craft cabinet? Are you tackling those basement boxes? Rearranging your bedroom? Maybe cleaning out the kids' toys?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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Arielrb38 Arielrb38 9 years
I'd love to see some cheap, DIY shelving solutions. I think I spend more money on books a year than on food, and with two teaching jobs I accumulate a lot of binders of material and student information. Any recommendations on good combination drawer/ shelving units? I need something that can hold my crafting supplies (mostly ink, pens, and paints), letter writing supplies (different sized envelopes and papers, none of which match, seals and sealing wax), and technology supplies (power cords, docks, international plug adapters), and will also hold my all in one printer in a way that I can use all of its functionality (scanner, printer, fax machine means I need to be able to lift the lid on a regular basis). Bonus points if there's a way to keep my cats from jumping on top of the printer and getting cat hair all over it. I'm currently using a three drawer rubbermaid style drawer, but I can't easily access anything and it's pretty ugly.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
we just moved in to a garden-level suite a few days ago and just yesterday finished with all the major placement and have just about everything out. the main room is rather small and we need to fit our office area and living room area together (including a moveable fireplace and a massive "norrebo" shelf from ikea that we have against the wall with electronics on it. it is a bit of a tight squeeze in the office area. sigh. what-to-do?
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
We're finally going to make our master bed. an oasis for just the two of us. We have perfected every other room for other people, now it's our time! We're starting w. the bed, making it the most comfortable bed you've ever laid in, and moving on.
WorldTrekker WorldTrekker 9 years
I have tons of great necklaces and I'm looking for a way to display them in a decorative way in my bedroom or bathroom.
SweetnLow SweetnLow 9 years
I really want to re-purpose my garage as more than just a storage area. That's my "renewal" area for spring. We never park in it, so that makes it the largest open area in my home. I'd love to hear some ideas on how to cleverly divide it up. Especially some ideas on how to disguise the box storage as something nicer to look at. I know that cute design+ garage= "not often done" so I'm having a hard time getting some inspiration.
jessielynne3 jessielynne3 9 years
I am a furniture finding fiend, and love to get great buys and bargains at thrift stores and craigslist. I referbish them to sell or use in my home, so this month's theme is exciting for me! The one thing that I have been wanting to learn how to do is recover chairs that are either completely upholstered or have panels that are upholstered and are edged with piping and then mounted within a frame of the piece. Any tips or sites on this topic would be fabulous, and I'd love to send you some of my DIY projects soon!
emalove emalove 9 years
Renovating my laundry room...I need some ideas!
gibbylet gibbylet 9 years
I want to replace the ugly 70's wallpaper back splash in the kitchen with a tile one, and I am looking for various places to find cool tiles that aren't excessively expensive, or ideas for other tiling projects too.
katedavis katedavis 9 years
I recently acquired a "liquor cabinet" from craigslist. As soon as I saw the picture I knew the piece had potential. I love the lines of it and planned on re-painting it. Here's a link to a Su Casa post with pictures: I thought that it was solid wood, but it is not (I still do not regret the purchase). The whole top of it, the drawer, the front of the swivel cabinet and the shelf were covered with faux bois contact paper. When I pulled the paper off it removed some of the wood veneer, and a corner of the table must have been chipped underneath. I know I want to paint it with a very high gloss paint to give it a lacquered look. I also have color issues- I think that down the line I might want it white to put in an entryway with pale gray walls (when I eventually have a house), but for now I am in a rental with white walls and it would disappear if it was white. I'm thinking a light grey (my living room is black and different grays). Here are my issues: 1- Should I use wood putty to fill in the corner? 2- How should I treat the areas where the veneer was removed so that the paint looks smooth? 3- What kind of paint will adhere best to the smooth wood veneer? Do I need to ever so slightly scuff it first? 4- Should I use a spray paint or liquid paint? 5- Any color suggestions?
Nickey Nickey 9 years
I would love to see some DIY projects for renewing your existing furniture. I have some antique dressers that I may need to strip and refinish. Some tips on that would be great. Organization tips are always welcome. And how about some look for less for the home?
jexters08 jexters08 9 years
i am working on decorating my dining room in a modern, organic, contemporary style...any ideas would be helpful
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