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I don't know about you, but I'm a staunch believer in sale shopping. For the most part, I rarely buy things that are not on sale, partly because I know that great deals and steals abound (and where to find them), and partly because I'm aware of the high mark-ups retailers put on their products. But sometimes, I come down with a fever of spontaneous splurges . . . and then I encounter a bit of buyer's remorse. I've always been someone who puts a lot of consideration into her purchases, be it a ballpoint pen or a new sofa. How about you? When it comes to shopping for your home, do you make rash purchases, or do you deliberate on them? Are smaller purchases, say an accent pillow or a candle holder, more chewed over than larger ones, like furniture? Tell me by commenting below!

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bizzybee bizzybee 8 years
On things for the home, I take a lot of time to consider what I need, what I want, the options available and pricing. I don't mind waiting for a sale to make a purchase. I also don't mind searching for a vintage item. I do try to make thoughtful, considerate choices so that I'm not just buying things that I won't want or that are cheap and will not last.
sunnyheart sunnyheart 8 years
I love sales! After you find a great sale, it's hard to go back to paying full retail price for something. Today I got a super cute $128 Max Studio dress for $13. I obsess about purchases so much that sometimes I have to tell myself--just buy it and get it over with! You need it! Otherwise I would spend a full week analyzing which hangers to buy.
Matamoros Matamoros 8 years
I come to the USA once per year for shopping. Sales are great, but everything in the USA is cheap for those of us coming over from Europe. Just everything is so cheap. It's great. When you find a sale in the USA, it's almost like stealing. The only place that was cheaper was Beijing, but there to buy anything, you had to haggle for half and hour with sweet little salesgirls (very aggressive ones, BTW). Otherwise, you were screwed. It was a ritual. You couldn't cut to the chase. It really took a half hour, but eventually you could get such a deal! It was really exhausting though... a day of haggling with Chinese girls. Also, everything is counterfeit. Everything except the money. The Chicoms could stamp out counterfeiting of branded goods in China if they wanted to. If you think about it, they have no problems with people counterfeiting the Yuan (Chinese currency). It would be more profitable to do that, but the counterfeiters do not do so. Anyway, after China, shopping in the USA rules.
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