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Open House: What's Your Dream House?

Open House: What's Your Dream House?

I was reading about the Albemarle House, an eight-bedroom, 13-and-a-half bath estate on more than 300 acres in Charlottesville, VA, which is on the market for $48 million — originally listed at $100 million! — and felt really baffled. The neo-Georgian house was designed by architect David Easton for winemaker Patricia Kluge, the ex-wife of billionaire TV mogul John Kluge. The house is beautiful but also ostentatious, dripping in gilt furnishings, outfitted with a helipad, polo grounds, a home theater, and more, and, according to the listing, built with "only the finest materials and accomplished artisans and craftsmen."

The thing is . . . I don't really understand why someone would build a house like this. We all have different tastes, and to each his own, but owning this property seems like such a headache! Not to mention, Ms. Kluge is going to have a heck of hard time selling it — and she already dropped the price by $52 million!

So I'm wondering what your dream house would be? If you had billions to spend on craftsmen and artisans, would you? What style of house would you build? Or would you prefer to buy a home? Where would you live? Tell me by commenting below!

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Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
I'd love a large home with lots of rooms where you can get lost if you make a wrong turn. Maybe with secret passageways too. That'd be cool.
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
I'd love a large home with lots of rooms where you can get lost if you make a wrong turn. Maybe with secret passageways too. That's be cool.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I appreciate a large yard WAAAAAAY more than a large house. I'd like a cute, modest brick home on a 3-acre lot where I can have tons of lovely trees and flowers. I love brick homes... the east coast has so many of them, but it's a lot less likely on the west coast (where I am). I just feel lost in big houses. I mean, this home is clearly beautiful to look at, but as far as living in one? I'd rather my home feel smaller & cozy than huge & empty.
happyspirit17 happyspirit17 7 years
i love this house. i would happily live in it!
bryseana bryseana 7 years
I'd like to have a house near a lake. It doesn't have to be extravagant - even a one story house would be nice if it was near a beautiful body of water. I'd like watching boats sail by and birds circling above the water.
zoorph zoorph 7 years
I echo both EarthplusArt's and kpelli73's comments, except maybe not the Paris part. Somewhere in lavender country or Siena or something like that. And the off-the-grid house would have to be somewhere where the natural beauty is fantastic: Hawai'i or the woods somewhere. And I'd have to acreage around it, so no one or no developer could encroach...
kaylasix kaylasix 7 years
oh, charlottesville... there's lots of houses like this there, well maybe not quite so extravagant but $10 million plus. i went to school at UVA and the kluge's names are on everything!
kpelli73 kpelli73 7 years
If my housing budget was suddenly huge I would buy a craftsman style bungalow with original finishes that had been refurbished if needed and an updated kitchen. The leftover billions ;) would be partially spent on a tiny historic apartment in central Paris.
EarthPlusArt EarthPlusArt 7 years
A built-from-scratch green home with a ton of windows and natural light, surrounded by gardens, meadows and woods. Second choice: old farmhouse with lovely bones.
manxy manxy 7 years
Something that is energy efficient, hopefully off the grid. Lots of natural light, storage, and areas that work for the human inhabitants. Craftsmanship, a thought out design, inside and out. Those giant estates seem so unfriendly to me.
ahles ahles 7 years
1700s center chimney with high ceilings and floor planks wider than I am, on at least 30 acres with the center field and the edges woods. Lot also needs a small creek and small but swimable waterfall. Or a cob house on the same lot that's one giant kitchen w/ a walk in fireplace, then has bedrooms radiating off it. Either one needs an attached greenhouse, preferably one that would provide the bulk of the home's heating (easier done with the cob house).
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
A Frank Lloyd Wright house with a pitched roof. As much as I love modern architecture, I don't like flat roofs.
NYCBella NYCBella 7 years
While I love these 'estate' style homes to look at I don't know if I'd want to live in one. Lately, I've been eyeing big ultra-modern homes. Hardwood floors, lots of walls full of windows, etc. I'd live in a wooded area so I could be as close to nature as possible - calm & serene. And my only 'requirement' as far as features in the house - a big big bathtub!
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