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Open House: Your Partner's Most Challenging Home Decorating Ideas?

Moving in with someone is always challenging, whether it's a new roomie, a romantic partner, or a new husband.

The home decorating ideas and habits of two different people are often sources of friction between newlyweds. I know that when I moved in with my fiancé, we had countless arguments over furniture arrangements, new linens for the bed, where to store the toilet paper . . . the list is seemingly endless.

So, for this Open House, I want to know what type of decorating issues you've had with your roommate or your better half. Has he refused to give up his polyblend duvet cover (you know, the one with the fugly maroon-and-brown stripes)? Has he insisted that those crystal candlesticks his Aunt Mabel picked for you (which weren't on your registry) take center stage on your dining room table? Does his CD collection live in college-era unfinished wood crates? Tell me all about it when you leave a comment below.

daisymay81 daisymay81 9 years
My husband is 6'4" and he thinks that all artwork should be at his eye level. Stuff looks funny when it is only a foot and a half from the ceiling. I told him in his office he could do it but the rest of the house had to look somewhat normal.
thelorax thelorax 9 years
Da Ly I'm right there with you. My husband thinks he's a cowboy and likes clunky, heavy, rusty things & his favorite color combination is gold, rust, brown, and red. EWWWW, maybe in a fall table centerpiece but not all the time and not EVERYWHERE! I'm drawn to clean lines and green, grey, cream, black, and all things Moroccan. I've resorted to winning bets with him to get my way in our home decorating, piece by piece, wall by wall...OH, and we're BOTH artistic but guess whose stuff is all over the walls? His! :-(
drgnflychic drgnflychic 9 years
Oh lord... My fiancé and I just moved in together over the past weekend. Let's just say that instead of my beautiful vintage posters I now have a deer head hanging on my wall. He's completely alright with bringing in crap leftover from his parents/college days into the apartment, whereas I would rather have nothing until we can afford what we like. I hate that we have a 80's oak, floral-scribed, brass handled dresser in our bedroom but it was his and he HAD to have it in there so I kept my mouth shut. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm keeping score on all of this. Next time I find an awesome retro chair I want from Craigslist, I'll be bringing that dresser up... I've learned to use this to my advantage!
you-me-and-puppy you-me-and-puppy 9 years
My Fiancee and I are both pretty laid-back and easy going, and LUCKILY have similar taste. And if we have different ideas, we're flexible and always come to a mutual agreement. We've never had a problem agreeing on decorating EXCEPT for the sports memorabilia. But we agreed to keep it all together in his areas...he has his own bathroom and his area of the office, so he can hang anything he wants there. He has free reign in his areas.
momto2tzus momto2tzus 9 years
My husband and I do NOTTTTTTT agree when it comes to decorating. I have made so many compromises as far as decorating goes. He doesn't think decorating is important and doesn't want me to spend ANY money on it when we need/want other things. So...I have made do with bare walls for 9 years. We just bought a house and close on Friday, we'll see how this goes...
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
no problems - my roommie and i have pretty much the same taste.
vunder vunder 9 years
A few things. I like bold and bright, where he likes neutrals. He likes light colored wood where I only like deep stained. He trends to practical and modern, where I like funky brokedown and antique. It should be interesting in our next place, when we really start with decor and not just thrown together whatever.
supercoolnat supercoolnat 9 years
My husband gives me crap anytime I look at/shop for/purchase anything home related. But after I'm done with all of that and I finally have a room looking how I want it, he admits he loves it. So I guess that means he has good taste, he just doesn't see it until it's shoved in his face.
nv27 nv27 9 years
My bf has pretty good taste luckily, we agree on most stuff, except for colors. Usually I can get him to come around and see why a particular color will look good with/in a particular space and if he persists that he doesnt like it I pull the "Youre color blind" card, and I get the last word.
Jepa Jepa 9 years
My BF had never in his life thought about decorating while I have always been in to it. When I moved in with him he started to see the fun in decorating and got hooked on decorating shows and magazines. Knowing him I was both pleased and apprehensive of this, so when we bought our apartment 6 months latter I wan´t so surprised that he sort of seemed to get out of control. (Whenever he gets excited he goes all out, and has to have it all right then...) Our styles are quite different, but I thought we where going to do OK. Boy, was I ever wrong. He just went crazy! Less is more is definitely not his idea of fun. He wanted to cover every free surface with posters and wanted to have as much wall paint/wallpaper in gold, black or turquoise as possible. It all made me feel so negative and depressing as I just had to say NO allot. But now he actually has quite good taste, as long as I intervene when he starts gets to wild. His current obsession is Modern/Classic Finnish design, especially light fixtures and anything from Kartell.
raieven raieven 9 years
my husband really likes dull colored persian style rugs. he doesn't like anything too 'modern' looking or 'bright'. lol. i think we are going to compromise on a persian style rug with bright(ish) colors...if we can find one w/in our budget.
Da-Ly Da-Ly 9 years
Ugh, my husband has no taste. He's into the cozy and traditional heavy looking things, while I'm much more into the modern styles. Plus, he still hangs on to a lot of bachelor junk. It really irritates me that there's a South Park poster in the living room next to an oil painting of mine, and that there's a stress-relieving Stretch Armstrong next to one of my vases. He has furniture that is falling apart that he refuses to get rid of, so I took the liberty of repairing it myself as well as repaint and redecorate it suit a more uniform taste to the room. He sees my point and likes what I've done, but it's still sometimes an uphill battle explaining why "investment quality furniture" is important. In the end though, the key between us is to keep some furniture slightly modern but still playful enough to feel cozy or nostalgic.
wmoonw wmoonw 9 years
We mostly agreed about everything . . . except the living room color. He fell in love with a blindingly grass-green paint >_O. I let him do it, although I probably shouldn't have, haha. It's not as vibrant now that I decorated; I dressed it down with a lot of neutrals. It's growing on me!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
haha my bf has pretty good taste, so I think we're alright with this!
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