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Other Uses For the World Cup Vuvuzela Noisemakers

Vuvuzela Noisemakers Turned Homemakers

Love the World Cup but feel like you're going to be attacked by locusts or bees unless you mute the television? You're not alone. The vuvuzela noisemakers add to the sporty atmosphere, but to many viewers, they are just annoyances. There's a website where people are voting to ban them from the event — ridding the stadium of the fanfare is currently winning by a landslide. As a result, earplug sales have skyrocketed in South Africa. Methinks there's a conspiracy between the two manufacturers. Seriously, though, I have thought of some new uses for the vuvuzelas in case there is an overabundance of the buzzy bits or people are looking for a unique way to showcase their extraordinary souvenir.

  • Pop some dried flowers into them as tall, waterless vases.
  • Place the vuvuzela over electric tea light "candles" for an illuminating look.
  • Use them as toilet paper holders in the bathroom.
  • Tie some twine around it from top to bottom. Attach binder clips and photos to turn it into a photo tree.

Come check out the rest of my ideas!

  • Put a roll of paper towels on it and place it on the counter top.
  • Keep it in the craft room when you need a perfect circle to trace.
  • Spray paint them and put them on the mantle for a lovely little vignette.
  • Find the right sized candles and turn them into tall candlesticks.
  • Use it as a beverage funnel for a party.
  • Drill holes on the top and hang a few of them from a rope.

Have you got some ideas for what we could do with those vuvuzelas?

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