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Paint Color Ideas For Shared Boy Girl Bedrooms

Color Ideas For Shared Boy/Girl Bedrooms

After reading Nate Berkus's resources for color inspiration, CasaSugar Community member cubamarsh wrote, "I have five-year-old boy/girl twins. They have to sleep in the same bedroom for the time being. Any suggestions how to decorate/PAINT especially for both?" I made some of my own suggestions with 10 ideas for gender neutral children's rooms, but I thought I'll poll all of you for your thoughts as well on Facebook. We got a great response with so many hues I'd never thought of, so I'm really excited to share these color ideas with you!

  • "A light metallic gray or white and orange." — Colette O.
  • "Definitely turquoise and white, but I guess it depends on the age." Katrín S.
  • "I have always thought navy blue and a lavender - on the boys side emphasize the navy and the girl the lavender." — Heidi W.
  • "Blue walls! Both my kids' rooms (5-year-old son, nursery for 19-mo-old daughter) are a pale blue color. They aren't exactly the same shade but they both work. As for décor, kelly green would be a good accent color that is good for both sexes. You could do more gender-specific coverlets on each bed made from cool fabrics, and then get one more coordinating gender-neutral one and tie it all together." — Eliza M.
  • "Sage green is a good gender-neutral color." — Julie K.
  • "Keep the walls neutral. Curtains, sheets, pillows and decorations with indigo and orange." — Evelyn S.
  • "Aqua blue!" — Marissa J.
  • "Navy and yellow, or nautical." — Kelly S

See more color palette ideas for a shared boy/girl bedroom . . .

  • "I would have to say it depends on the ages of the kids. If they have a favorite color, it would be easiest to use those colors as accents for each side and keep the rest of the room neutral. If they're little . . . lavender is definitely gender-neutral and works well with lots of brighter colors." — Anni W.
  • "Lime green with pink or purple girl's accents and blue or orange boy's accents!" — Suzanne M.
  • "Kelly green on an accent wall." —Laurie T.
  • "I recently saw a room done in cherry red, sky blue, and white. I wouldn't have thought of those color combos, but when I saw it together, it rocked! I think that would make a great girl/boy room and those colors would grow with them." — About Budget Decorating
  • "Grays with accents of blues and greens." — Lauren H.
  • "My kids' room is off-white with one hot pink wall. Both the boy and girl like pink. So there." — Sierra F.
  • "It depends on the age and preferences of the kids, but muted ground colors, such as beige and browns, are a good choice for hyperactive children, as they create a relaxed and down-to-earth feel. I remember from my childhood that strong yellows are great for adding a sense of cheerfulness that both girls and boys can enjoy!" —General Paint
  • "Brown and teal and peach." — Sharon H.
  • "Keep in mind you can't please everyone. If you give a choice of colors, allow them to choose from colors you've decided you can live with . . . NOT the full spectrum." — Delisa H.
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