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Painting Tips From Ace Hardware Home Expert Lou Manfredini

7 Practical Painting Tips That Will Change Your Life

Ace Hardware recently sent me a stack of Post-Its printed with helpful tips from its home expert, Lou Manfredini. Every time I jot down a note, I'm greeted with a surprisingly clever solution to my home renovating and upkeeping woes. Many of them involve painting, one of the most tedious tasks, and I know I'll be looking back at them the next time I pick up a Benjamin Moore swatch. So I thought I'd pass along some of Lou's wisdom to you! If you're planning on painting any room in the house in the future, these are must-read tips:

  • "Latex paint spill on the carpet? Drench with cold water and soak it up with a clean rag."
  • "One gallon of paint should cover about 300 square feet."
  • "To soften a paintbrush, boil a cup of white vinegar, remove from heat and rest the paintbrush in it overnight."

Continue reading to see the rest of these brilliant tips.

  • "High gloss paints are washable and resilient, working well for trimwork and high-traffic areas."
  • "Long, narrow room? Paint shorter walls a darker color for instant widening."
  • "Transition between rooms painted different colors by painting the hallway, foyer, or staircase in a grayed-down 'transition tone.'"
  • "Carefully clean paintbrushes after every paint job, then wrap them with wax paper for storage. This will ensure years of use."
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