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Part Two of Interview With HGTV Secrets From a Stylist Star Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson Gets Personal With Answers About Dream Homes, Fave Flea Marketing Spots, and Her Alternate Career Path

It's no secret that here at CasaSugar we're big fans of Secrets From a Stylist's Emily Henderson. With impressive redecorating skills (check out how she redecorated Ian Brennen's house in the premiere episode), a savvy eye for flea market finds, and charm to spare, I have no doubt that her new show Secrets From a Stylist will be a huge hit. You can watch the first episode online here, and then tune in to HGTV Saturday night at 9 p.m. for the next episode.

Even though Emily was crazy busy shooting the first two seasons of her show, she still took the time to sit down and answer some of my questions about her decorating style, tips for CasaSugar readers, and new show. In case you missed it, read my first half of the interview here, and then check out the rest of Emily's answers below!

CasaSugar: What's your dream home architecture style? Why?

Emily Henderson: I've never shopped for a house, so I don't totally know. But I know I'm not a loft person. I love them, don't get me wrong, but they feel too open to me. And Spanish style can get kinda ubiquitous around LA. I think in a perfect world it would be a more traditional early American house that has been redone to have a more open space plan, but the architecture feels old and classic. I don't need a lot of space, just a little bungalow would make me so happy.


CS: Any cities inspiring you right now in terms of style and décor?

EH: Palm Springs. I've gone out there shopping a ton lately and the vintage glam stuff from the '70s that I've been gobbling up is kinda amazing. I hesitate to talk about it because I know that it's gonna get more and more crowded, but that's the truth.

CS: Are there any hotels whose décor you love?

EH: The Parker. Favorite hands down. Every nook is unique and different, and the mix of new and vintage is totally intoxicating. The swinging rattan chairs get me excited every time. I love the Ace's as well, but not so much to sleep in.

Find out about Emily's alternate career idea and what she learned from a childhood in 4-H Club.

CS: What artists are impressing you at the moment?

EH: You know, I'm actually kinda uneducated when it comes to current artists. I wish that were not the case, but it's hard to keep up with everything. In general I buy flea market art and reframe (or keep in original) or for the show I've been buying a ton from Etsy and 20x200. If I plan far enough ahead I can find artists that are willing to give me a break for credit on the show. And I love that it supports local/young artists, instead of mass-produced prints.

CS: If you weren't a fabulous stylist, what's your next-on-the-list dream job?

EH: Baby animal petter. Any animal really. It's kinda all I want to do when I'm shopped out. But I guess if I couldn't get paid to shop for a living, I would love to get paid to travel the world for a living . . . and shop.

CS: I loved the 4-H photos from your blog. How have your 4-H-learned skills carried through to your work on Secrets From a Stylist?

EH: I don't know if the exact skills have, I'm not that great of a seamstress anymore, and I can't cook worth heck. But it was the general training to be resourceful and to figure anything out. It's where my obsession for fabrics and pretty things came from. But I think it's also instilled the obsession with doing "projects." I love a good project, and this show has a huge project that is started and finished every week, and it's crazy rewarding.

CS: What's one easy way our readers can make their homes prettier and more livable?

EH: Mixing styles within a consistent color palette. Sounds hard, but it isn't. It creates totally unique homes that still look put together. Watch the show and I'll do my best to explain how to do it. C'mon. Watch it.

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