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Party Favor Ideas

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The holidays are all about giving, which is why we partnered with Pier 1 Imports on this post that shows you how to make the season shine a little brighter.

Toast the people you love this holiday season with party favors that show them you really care. And many of these items are easier than you think to DIY. From sweet treats to heavenly scented bath bombs, your favorite people will wonder how you pulled it all off — which is exactly how you want everyone to leave your next holiday party, right?

  1. Chocolates: Even after serving dessert, having a stash of small boxes of chocolates for guests to take home is a fun and festive way to celebrate the season. Personalize the boxes with ribbons or stickers that make them really special for guests.
  2. Wine-cork key chains: Pop the cork with these easy DIY key chains that your guests can grab as they're walking out the door. And it's a great way to give your used corks new life.

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  1. Scented candles: Who doesn't love a bit of glowing shimmer paired with a delicious scent? Have a basket filled with scented candles in a spot where guests can make a selection before heading home.
  2. Notebook and pencils: As another fun party favor, leave small notebooks alongside bundles of colored pencils. Pick up personalized books with inspirational quotes on the cover for a positive reminder of the fun gathering.
  3. Sparkling vases: Transform any glass containers into sparkling vases that look beautiful on anyone's mantel — or adorning your guests' desks. And you can personalize with colors of glitter that connect with the event, such as gold for the holidays or pink for a girl's baby shower.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

  1. Tea blends: Pick up bulk tea, blend it together with dried herbs and spices, and then package it in tins as an uplifting party favor. Think green tea mixed with dried mint and lemongrass — delish.
  2. Picture frames: Leave guests with a unique, empty frame they can use for placing a favorite picture. Fill with a printout of each guest's name so they can pick the right one as they leave.
  3. Seasoned salts: Gift your guests something so delicious with homemade seasoned salts that add a pop of flavor to their next meal. And it's a great reminder of a fabulous party months after the event.

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  1. Flowers: There's nothing like a minibouquet of flowers, so gather together small glass bottles and fill with collections of flowers. Adorn with a ribbon and leave at the door for guests.
  2. Soothing bath bombs: Gift the loveliness of relaxation with personalized bath bombs that are so impressive. You can add your favorite scents to these easy bath goodies and package in cellophane bags for a special treat.

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  1. Flour-sack tea towels: You can find flour-sack tea towels at most craft stores and easily transform them into something special with the help of fabric paint. Use a stamp to create designs or even free-paint lines or patters for a unique party favor.
  2. Fresh baguettes: There's nothing like fresh bread after a lovely party, so offer your guests a baguette — perfect for nibbling on the way home. And you can pair with small pots of chocolate spread for a really decadent treat.
  3. Homemade limoncello: Really impress your guests with small bottles of homemade limoncello. Along with a little taste after dinner, your guests will love getting a bit of their own to enjoy at home.

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  1. Succulent pots: One of the hardiest little plants around, succulents can be potted in just about anything — even chipped teacups. Pick up a flat at your local garden center, and plant them in unique containers.
  2. Spiked hot chocolate: Along with small containers of hot chocolate mix, have minibottles of spiced rum, vanilla vodka, or chocolate-flavored liqueurs for guests to grab and go.
  3. Cute coasters: DIY sets of coasters for your guests that remind them every time they're used of the awesome party you threw.

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  1. Fortune cookies: Special-order fortune cookies so each guest gets a takeout container of futures to take with them after the party. And you can usually find takeout containers at most bulk specialty shops.
  2. Holiday ornaments: For something really festive, decorate your cozy holiday tree with cute ornaments and invite your guests to take one home after the party. It's a great end to a fabulous bash!

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Looking for one more way to make your season sparkle? Watch the video below and pin the how-to for later!