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Pet Peeves and Home Habits

What Are Your Irrational Pet Peeves or Home Habits?

After sharing Brian Patrick Flynn's five decorating pet peeves on Tuesday, I got to thinking about decorating pet peeves that aren't so much about taste or aesthetics but based on habit and irrationality. One example of mine is blinds. I hate blinds. I don't hate the look of blinds, per se; some I find quite lovely. But for the life of me, I can't stand to have my blinds down. I think this goes back to growing up on a very wooded and private property, where we didn't need to bother keeping out sunlight or the eyes of prying neighbors. The thing is, these days, I live in a city where I have plenty of snoopy nearby dwellers, and not a tree to speak of to keep the sunshine out; I do need blinds! Oh but I hate them.One of my co-workers here at Sugar was recently telling me how her boyfriend has a borderline-OCD habit of needing to put away his fruits, vegetables, and meats immediately away into Tupperware as soon as he brings home his groceries, even those already prepackaged. He's convinced they'll go bad otherwise, which isn't entirely irrational, but the habit doesn't jibe with his otherwise laid-back, not-so-high-strung personality.

Do you have any irrational pet peeves or home habits like these? Please share them below!


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