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Photo of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge Planting Shrub

7 Tips For Planting Shrubs

Yesterday Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge showed off her gardening skills when she planted a shrub — in heels no less! Catherine was in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories of Canada, with Prince William on the sixth day of their first joint overseas tour. If you have some shrubbery in need of transplanting, check out these tips to make the most of your new greenery. And whether you decide to plant in heels or in gardening clogs, know that by following these simple tips you will keep your shrubs happy and healthy.

  • Before you plant, consider the best site for your shrub. Does your site have enough sun for the plant's needs? Does it have enough room to grow? Don't plant too near to fences or houses that may obstruct your plant's growth.
  • The optimal time to plant shrubs is late Summer or early Fall, which gives the shrubs time to establish a healthy root system before the onset of Winter. If you plant this month, pick a week with cooler temperatures, and plant on a cloudy day or at dusk.
  • The hole for your new shrub should be at least six inches wider than the container on all sides and around the same depth.
  • To remove your plant from its plastic container, just tilt the pot on its side and tap the container. Then gently slide out the rootball.
  • As you place the root ball of the plant in the hole you've dug, leave the top of the root ball about an inch above the soil. Add soil to fill in the hole around the shrub, and lightly push the soil down around the plant.
  • Make a wall of soil around the plant to create a water basin. This way water will get to the plant's root system more easily.
  • Keep your plant well watered for the first year of its life.
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