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Photos of Blue Kitchens and Turquoise Kitchens

I'm Feeling Blue: 10 Inspirational Kitchens

Well, isn't this lovely? Two shades of blue! I love the idea of painting the trim a slightly darker hue. It looks fab with the red, too.

I'm thinking about painting my kitchen blue — specifically a light, turquoise/teal blue to coordinate with my Caribbean Le Creuset cookware. My kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and bathroom are all neutral colors right now, and I've been looking to bring more color to the walls somewhere. Of course, the kitchen is the most difficult place, as it requires lots of painting off cabinets and getting into nooks behind appliances. But once I have my mind set on something, I have trouble turning back.

Before I bite the bullet and pick a random swatch at the paint store — something I've done many times before — I thought I'd take a look at the way some other blue kitchens were designed. From oceanic floors to sky-like tiles, there are plenty of ideas in here for you and I to tool around with.

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