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Photos and Review of Fresco Towels

Taking a Closer Look at Vibrant, Plush Fresco Towels

Note: I've updated this review to reflect Fresco's most current line of towels. Please click through to read my thoughts on the new line!

I've been admiring the colorful designs from Fresco Towels for a while now. The towels are available for purchase through the company's website and major retailers like Anthropologie. The designs are so fresh and unusual — I'm hard-pressed to think of anything on the market that has a similar look.

Fresco Towels is based in Los Angeles and produces bath, beach, and hand towels, as well as terry bags, pillows, and other products that are all created by a family of artisans. Made with long-staple, Turkish cotton, all the products are prewashed, preshrunk, and feature designs inspired by fashion, architecture, and nature.

Fresco sent over some products for review, and two editors excitedly snapped up the pretty towels to try out. See what they thought of the towels and terry bag.


Miriam Lacey at BellaSugar tried out the bag and the hand towel. She reported, "The Damask Hand Towel in Rainbow ($46)  is really soft and plush, and it’s been color fast through a couple of washes. I love the brightness of the hue and the towel’s feel, but I do have a couple of reservations. Even after washing, the towel is still very pilly and fuzzy, and after I dry my hands, I always come away with little bits of lint. Although lovely to look at (I would definitely consider them more a decorative towel than everyday-use models), the Fresco hand towel isn’t terribly absorbent, which makes it less nice to use." (Note: After this review was published, I learned that the hand towel sample was an older version; we'll be retesting the updated towel soon, which resists pilling.)

Check out more of Fresco's bath and hand towels here.



While Miriam had her reservations about the hand towel, she was head over heels about the bag. "I love the colors on the Casban Towel Bag in Cinnamon ($96)," she said. "It’s perfect for hauling stuff to the beach or out to Golden Gate Park on a warm day, and it folds down very compactly for something of its size and material."

Want one for your own weekend and beach adventures? Find your favorite here.



Shannon Vestal at BuzzSugar took the Casbah Towel in Sunset ($149) home to try. She was understandably enthusiastic about the beautiful towel. Shannon reported, "The design is so chic on this towel, but the real reason I love it is how soft and plush it is — I almost don’t want to use it at the beach and mess it up!"

Check out more of Fresco's beach towels here.

Updated review on Fresco towels.

After I learned that the towels that Shannon and Miariam reviewed had been from an older line of towels, Fresco offered to send me one of its current towels so I could see how it held up in regard to pilling. The towels that Miriam had reviewed had pilled some, but the new towels were supposed to resist pilling.

To test this, I washed my towels five times on a normal setting in warm water. Unlike the older line of towels, the new towel I received did indeed resist the pilling and fuzziness that had plagued Miriam's towel. It's also retained its incredibly luxurious and soft feel. In short, it's a pleasure to use my Fresco towel!

Elka-Karl Elka-Karl 6 years
mslewis that's too funny about the white towels and white sheets! I feel as if we all have quirks about what we love and can't abide by in our houses.
mslewis mslewis 6 years
These towels are really pretty, especially the peacock one!! The price isn't too bad so I have no complaints. Except one . . . I have a "thing" where I can only use WHITE towels and WHITE sheets!! It's weird, I know but, there it is. I would rather walk around and air dry myself than wipe myself with a colored towel. So I won't need a set of these pretty things. I think, however, I might buy one or two of the peacock ones just to maybe throw over a chair or something. They are very pretty.
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