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Planting Perennials For Your Fall Garden

I named autumn perennials one of my must-haves for September. After all, just because summer is fading fast doesn't mean you can't enjoy gazing at a colorful flower garden for a few more months.

In fact, late summer / early fall is the ideal time to plant flowers that will bloom into the cold season. For ideas on what to grow, iVillage has a great list of seven star fall perennials; here are a few for you to try.

Seven of the Best Fall Perennials, via iVillage

  • Ceratostigma: This fall beauty has brilliant clusters of blooms. It makes great ground cover with shiny dark green leaves that turn red during late fall. Does well in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun.
  • Cimicifuga: This species does well in a moist, shady to partial shady location with fertile, humus-rich soil. Certain species (ramose Atropurpurea) has very divided leaves that are mahogany and purple stemmed with very slender, candle-like creamy white flowers.

For five more Fall perennials to try,

  • Coreopsis: This is a perennial that never stops giving. It is best known for its petite yellow flowers on wiry stems that keep on blooming throughout the summer and into the fall. But with the addition of a deep burgundy red species Limerock Beauty and Sweet Dreams (it's white with raspberry eyes), this sturdy little perennial that thrives in full sun or partial shade in well drained soil can now be utilized in a variety of fall gardens.
  • Perovskia (Russian Sage): This fantastic woody-based plant is classified as an herb, but its striking gray foliage and lavender blue to gray-blue flowers make it a gorgeous summer and fall perennial. Will thrive in poor to moderately fertile soil in full sun. Beautiful planted en masse in a mixed border.
  • Sedum (Stonecrop): This is one of the all-time great fall perennials. This is a genus of about 400 species of succulents and does well in full sun in moderately fertile, neutral soil. Several of the sedums are used as ground cover and have fleshy, light green leaves with star shaped, five-petaled flowers that come in white, yellow and pinkish to burgundy tone. Sedum Autumn Joy looks stupendous when combined with a purple-toned aster.
  • Japanese Anemone: These bloom from late summer through mid-fall and are chosen for their delicate-petaled faces ranging in color from white to soft pink, and from deep pink to dark rose. They thrive in moist but well drained, humus-rich soil in sun to partial shade.
  • Aster (Michaelmas Daisy, New England Aster): A large group of perennials that can be grown in a variety of sites. The fall blooming asters are utilized as a border for the mass of color they offer. Whether you choose white, lavender blue, bright pink, purple with a yellow eye, or a medium blue, when purchased in large quantities and planted in sweeps, asters are synonymous with the autumn garden.
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