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Displaying Succulents in a Jar

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member designingmainstreet from the Girls' Guide to Gardening group:

After seeing this succulent wedding centerpiece on CasaSugar I had to try to recreate this look at home. The original plants were intended for a wedding setting, but I thought I could make them work on our dining room table. A few vases clustered together seemed like a low maintenance idea.

I went to the local garden store and picked out a few succulents and then I was off to find some decorative stones. The store didn't have the stones I was imagining but they did have desert sand. After reading the back of the package I learned that you can't plant the succulents in the sand and that they need potting soil. Maybe that is common sense? I always thought cacti grew in sand...forgive me, but we are in New England so there are no cacti here. We decided to take them home and put the sand around the pots that the plants were already in. That would be a good solution, right? Um.. not if the pots don't fit into the vases!


Keep reading to see how the final succulent look turned out!

I was laughing at myself at this point because I had brought a measuring tape to the garden store to make sure the plants would fit into the vases. I didn't even think to measure again when we decided that the plants would have to stay in the pots. I decided that the smaller of the two plants would have to come out of its pot and I'd just risk losing the plant. Then the next challenged surfaced when I started to pour the sand into the vase the plant was catching all of the sand. So, I used a little tin foil to stop the sand from catching in the leaves. I think the end result seems quite charming. Let's hope these two test plants manage to survive. If the project is a success I will buy some more succulents. The store had so many more fun varieties! Have you ever grown succulents? Any tips on keeping them healthy? Want to see more of this project and other gardening projects? Visit me at Designing Main Street!

Have you finished any gardening projects lately? Add your photos to The Girls' Guide to Gardening!

Join The Conversation
FOFmatti FOFmatti 6 years
They should be fine inside. Don't over water them and give them lots of bright light.
radecor radecor 6 years
what a great idea for a centerpiece for a sunny dining/kitchen table! may have to use for upcoming staging projects - thanks!
AtlantaNoleGirl AtlantaNoleGirl 6 years
I'm going to be working on a project very similar to this over the weekend! I'm using rocks instead of sand, though.
CourtneyOutLoud CourtneyOutLoud 6 years
I love it!
Ficklefaerie Ficklefaerie 6 years
I hope this works out well for you!!
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