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Poll on Apartment Versus Single Home Living Preference

Would You Rather Live in an Apartment or a House?

A recent study by GWL Realty Advisors came to the conclusion that the younger generation of Canadians would prefer to live in and own apartments instead of single-family homes, especially when this meant that factors like a shorter commute time, fewer home repairs, and greater opportunities for leisure activities were taken into account.

The study notes,

"Increasingly, families are choosing multi-residential living. With most families having no more than one or two children, a two bedroom apartment home can work well. Moreover, if both parents work, living in a low-maintenance home with a short commute allows for more family time."

While the study is Canadian, it makes sense that these opinions would definitely cross borders. What about you? Do you think that an apartment is a good choice if it means you have more time for family, entertaining, and relaxation?

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