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Would You Rather Live in an Apartment or a House?

A recent study by GWL Realty Advisors came to the conclusion that the younger generation of Canadians would prefer to live in and own apartments instead of single-family homes, especially when this meant that factors like a shorter commute time, fewer home repairs, and greater opportunities for leisure activities were taken into account.

The study notes,

"Increasingly, families are choosing multi-residential living. With most families having no more than one or two children, a two bedroom apartment home can work well. Moreover, if both parents work, living in a low-maintenance home with a short commute allows for more family time."

While the study is Canadian, it makes sense that these opinions would definitely cross borders. What about you? Do you think that an apartment is a good choice if it means you have more time for family, entertaining, and relaxation?

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carolynz carolynz 6 years
It totally depends on the location. I used to live in NYC and would prefer living in an apartment in NYC than living in a house in the 'burbs. Now we live in a much smaller city- and we are only 10 minutes from the downtown area, but live in a single family home on an acre of land.
Carri Carri 6 years
Can't live without a yard for my horses. Home ownership sucks sometimes but I would be miserable in an apartment!
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 6 years
I struggle with this question all the time. I love living in my apartment EXCEPT for my loud, awful neighbors. Would I give that up to live further away in suburbia? Probably not. I just love being close to everything. I can't picture myself being anything but a city girl. Plus, having to maintain a house and a yard is something I don't have time for at the moment.
katialoves katialoves 6 years
i think the study is saying that people buy condos instead of houses. (not rent.) living in vancouver, i think about this all the time. we live in a small condo that we bought but now need to upgrade with our two tots. we could afford a 2 br condo or small townhouse in a nice area (west side or downtown) which would also be convenient but if we want to get a three bedroom we'd have to live on the east side which is.... well we live here now and i dont feel its the right place for our family, for our kids schools, etc. and if we wanted an actual house or even a duplex larger than 1000 sq feet... we'd be looking at south burnaby, coquitlam, new westminister or surrey which are the most affordable suburb areas, and that would still be like half a million for a normal house in surrey (its the least desirable suburb ) or fixer upper in those other suburbs. and then we'd be commuting probably 2 hours a day. so if we stay in this area (as opposed to moving somewhere totally different) condo living would be my choice as per the study
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
Rent is so high where I live that it actually seems more cost effective to live in a house--more space for not that much more money.
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 6 years
the only thing i don't like about living in an apartment is not being able to paint or make any big changes like that. if i knew i was going to be in a certain area for a long time, i might buy an apartment or condo so i could paint and stuff but still not have to do all the work of a house.
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