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Proof That Personality Is the Best Home Accessory

Jul 5 2014 - 3:05am

Think of San Francisco homes and you're bound to imagine Victorian houses like the famous Painted Ladies [1]. But other spaces deserve just as much attention. Just ask event planner Karman Ferrell Pave [2] who decorated her two-bedroom gem in the city's Portola neighborhood. Along with her husband, the two fused their personalities to decorate the space in a way that's quirky but classic, fun but sophisticated. With bursts of color, vintage pottery, plenty of greenery, and midcentury flair, there's no shortage of ideas to steal — whether you're a city dweller or not.

Source: Kristen Loken [3]

POPSUGAR: What's the inspiration behind your decorating style?

Karman Ferrell Pave: Our style is most basically described as midcentury modern. It’s become so popular in the past several years, but we were lucky that we had been collecting pieces along the way. My in-laws loved modern furniture in the '60s when they were first married and stashed a lot in their garage.

Source: Kristen Loken [4]

Look at those legs! Even the three-tiered bar cart gives off a retro feel.

Source: Kristen Loken [5]

PS: How did you integrate your style with your husband's?

KFP: Integration was actually easy. When we met we both, for example, collected vintage American pottery. Our collections fused perfectly into one and have kept growing. In our last apartment we had a hodgepodge of styles, so when we moved into our house in 2005, we took the opportunity to cull our favorite items and use them as a foundation.

Source: Kristen Loken [6]

PS: There's so much color throughout your home. Why green in particular and what tips do you have for decorating with strong hues?

KFP: My favorite color has been green since I was a kid. I’m drawn to it for everything! But as a general rule we love color. I think as long as it’s curated carefully it doesn’t overwhelm but rather adds cheerfulness and doesn’t feel too serious, both of which convey "home" to us.

Source: Kristen Loken [7]

PS: How does your home reflect your personality?

KFP: I love design. As a kid I was obsessed with colors and patterns. I fell in love with art and ended up with a degree in visual design and art history. Now I own a special event design and logistics company, k special events [8], so although I didn’t end up as a traditional artist, as I always thought I would as a kid, I am happy I found a way to incorporate creativity.

Source: Kristen Loken [9]

PS: What's your favorite room in the entire house?

KFP: The living room is my absolute favorite space. I love the color — the room gets a lot of light and in the sunlight that hue of green is both soothing and vibrant.

Source: Kristen Loken [10]

PS: What a vibrant dishware collection! What's the story behind it?

KFP: It’s all American made and from about 1930 to 1960. My husband, Bjorn’s, favorite is Bauer [11], mine is Catalina [12], but there are so many pieces we have that aren’t any known brand and they are just as beautiful.

Source: Kristen Loken [13]

PS: What's something unexpected that adds to the charm of your home?

KFP: We love the design sensibilities of the past. Our house was built in 1940, and we love the original elements. For example, it has the original bathroom tiles, which we restored even though they are no longer in perfect condition, and lots of other original touches.

Source: Kristen Loken [14]

PS: Your backyard is adorable. What tips do you have for keeping a great outdoor space in a city?

KFP: A lot of hard work! When we moved in, there was nothing in our backyard, and we both dreamed of a tropical garden. We had no budget for a landscape architect so I got to work researching, planning, and plotting. The style is "Tropi-Cali," which means a California take on classic tropical.

We are lucky to have some earth, but I have seen such beautiful outdoor spaces using planters [15]. It definitely does not take a big garden to achieve a green space in the city.

Source: Kristen Loken [16]

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