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Rachel Zoe House Photos

Take a Tour of Rachel Zoe's Gorgeous New Home, Designed by Jeremiah Brent!

Last night's episode of The Rachel Zoe Project featured the big reveal of Rachel's new house, and I am in serious love with Rachel and Rodger's gorgeous new digs. Jeremiah Brent, who we interviewed earlier this month, was the man behind the design, and he really proved himself to be a fantastic designer when it came to pulling together Rachel's home. And believe it or not, he did the entire project in a scant 10 days! Today, he shares some photos of Rachel Zoe's home, and tells us about the design process for pulling together her home in record time.

On Rachel's style: The first word that comes to mind when I think of Rachel Zoe is "glamour" and the second word would have to be "perfectionist"!

The daunting timeline: You can imagine the sheer panic I experienced when assigned the daunting task of designing, furnishing and installing everything for Rachel and Rodger's huge new home in just 10 days! Somehow, I survived and still had all my hair left. In all seriousness, I actually had the most amazing time creating Rachel and Rodger's home.


Rachel's belief in Jeremiah: One of the best things about working with Rachel has been her unwavering support and confidence in my design aesthetic.

Transforming the traditional: When I saw Rachel and Rodger's new home for the first time, I knew I had a challenge on my hands. Not only was the home enormous, it was very traditional; a far cry from Rachel and Rodger's modern style. One of my favorite things to do in design is to blend two different aesthetics. The juxtaposition is strong and even more authentic to the people who live in the home. In Rachel's case, we used the traditional architecture as a subtle and formidable backdrop for the contemporary furnishings. Using soft and almost iridescent color choices, I was able to bring in some very contemporary masculine shaped furniture (such as a vintage Mario Bellini arm chair).

On pushing Rachel and Rodger's design boundaries
: Even though Rachel and Rodger have a clear love of white furniture, I pushed them to use a more jewel-toned palette, and by keeping the lines clean, I was able to help evolve their design aesthetic and introduce textures and shapes they had previously been afraid of. The outcome was a clean, modern Parisian and chic home that Rachel and Rodger felt completely at peace in.

How dressing a home is like putting together an outfit: I've always said that a great home should be looked upon like a great outfit. You should have your clean and classic staples like a strong sofa and chair, etc., and the "jewelry" of your room is in the lighting, accent tables, and accessories. These are cost effective and easy pieces that you can swap out to evolve your style and keep it current for years.

Make sure to also take a peek of some earlier exterior photos of Rachel Zoe's home, which PopSugar City LA shared!

Image Source: Stephen Busken
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