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Readers' Opinions on Using a Low Chandelier in a Kitchen

Love It or Hate It? Low Chandeliers in the Kitchen

I love adding chandeliers to unexpected rooms in the house, and kitchens and bathrooms are two of my favorite places to see them. A chandelier over a bathroom sink is a less obvious choice than above a gleaming dining table, and it works all the better for the contrast. I love the way that the myriad-armed brass chandelier in this kitchen hangs low over a vase of tulips. The rough-hewn wood table plays beautifully off of the polished look of the fixture.

However, I have a bit of concern over the practicality of such a low chandelier. I'm imagining myself bumping my head on the chandelier's arms or lowest orb every time I lean over to place dishes on the table. What do you think?


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