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Readers Share Favorite Home Decor Gifts of Christmas 2010

Your Favorite Home Decor Gifts This Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season has ended, it's nice to step back and assess all that we have to be thankful for. And while health, happiness, and good friends are always at the top of my list, great additions to my home are also somewhere on there as well. I recently asked you to share your favorite home decor gifts from this recent holiday season. Here's what you told me:

  • @Courtneyoutloud shared, "I got a homemade apron which I have renamed the "mapron" (man + apron)."
  • @CentsationalGirl said, "A Brad nailer/compressor combo, does that count?"
  • On Facebook, Katrina added, "My mom reframed a picture of my late grandmother's and gave it to me. It's a print of some cafe in Paris."
  • Kelli commented, "Great question - my favorite gift this year was a watercolor of my home. Check it out here.
  • Andy shared, "As far as gifts I have given this year that would fall into the home decorating category, I did buy a friend a copy of Amy Sedaris's new how-to book Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People. Which is just choc full of decorating hints."
  • Vunder wrote, "My husband had our living room lamp fixed! It's a vintage iron and orange glass thing, arguably ugly, but it really ties the room together. It was a sweet gift."
  • WisMiss shared, "No gifts this year, but I'm still taking pleasure in all the Christmas paraphernalia I see just once a year — especially snowflake tree ornaments crocheted by a dear, departed aunt."


Want to share your favorite gift? Tell us all about it by commenting below!

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JLenox8710 JLenox8710 6 years
My husband gave me monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie. We got married over the summer and I'm just in love with all things with "L"s for around our house.
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 6 years
I love Kelli's watercolor! Aburlock, I'm jealous of your new sewing machine!
aburlock aburlock 6 years
I got a new sewing machine and a palm sander, and a new camera so I can document all my projects on my blog!
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