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Review of Frog Tape Painter's Tape

Casa Beta: Frog Tape

Stripes on the mind? From ceilings to walls to kitchen floors, it seems painted stripes are all the rage in décor these days. Though I wouldn't consider myself an expert on the fine art of straight lines or painting in general, my experience with horizontal and vertical hues has taught me at least one thing — you need good tape, especially if working with dark colors. To see why I think this Frog Tape ($10) is the one to beat, just


In the past, I've used the standard blue painting tape to mark off my baseboards, fixtures, and the stripe marks. This time around, I heeded a handyman's advice. He swore Frog Tape worked better than its competitors though it may cost a couple dollars more. The packaging boasts, "The only tape treated with "Paintblock" technology seals tape edges for razor sharp lines." After deciding that it would be worth it if I didn't have to deal with bleeding issues, I bit the bullet and bought two rolls of the green stuff and I'm here to tell you it was worth it!

As I would with any sort of painting tape, I pressed the edges of the tape down to try to secure the colors within their boundaries. After that, I slathered away with the darkest of dark colors — black. Worried that this could be a complete nightmare, I literally watched the paint dry and had to force myself not to tear the tape away while it was damp. Once it was all safe to touch, I pulled the tape away and grinned from ear to ear. The Frog Tape was magical! Of course, there were a few small spots of bleeding but that's to be expected and mostly my error. In comparison with the other tapes I've used, it's not even a contest.

Have you tried Frog Tape?

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artist1 artist1 5 years
Wow, I just had to find a site where I could share with others what a horrible waste of time, money and energy this "frog tape" is. I have painted many rooms, but none were as difficult as my son's room-decided to use the frog tape, however, after ruling off his walls (to ensure straight lines) I lined the frog tape up, however, it just wouldn't stick to the kept falling off. When I used small pieces, roughly six inches, it stayed on better...but guess what...after waiting for the paint to dry so that I could remove the tape...there was BLEED THROUGH...never again will I purchase this failure of a product. What a nightmare this has become...fair warning fellow painters!
Vallen59 Vallen59 6 years
I have done a lot of painting over the years, and have always used the blue tape. I was planning on doing some stripes on my bedroom walls. I thought I would try the frog tape. SORRY I did! What a waste of money! I even tried brushing a very light coat of paint first over the edges and let it dry. It rippled up. I ran out of blue tape, so thought I would give it another try when it came to painting the trim. Wouldn't stick worth beans! Not sure how everyone else got good results, but I will never waste my money on that expensive tape again!
Home Home 7 years
Awesome, steen! Thanks for the tip!
steen steen 7 years
I bought this to try in my half bathroom, which is sadly unpainted yet. However, I did learn a neat trick from one of the DIY networks about painted stripes. Once you tape off your sections, paint around the edges of the tape using paint that matches your base wall color; it "seals" the tape and ensures that your new color won't leak.
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
I just saw this in a magazine this weekend! How funny. Glad to hear that it worked. If I were painting stripes, Id use it, but I'm okay saving 7 bucks a roll and doing a few touch-ups on trim work. Thanks for the review Casa!
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